'Lyricist Yoo San-seul' Lee Kun-woo, Corona 19 test negative → self-pricing
'Lyricist Yoo San-seul' Lee Kun-woo, Corona 19 test negative → self-pricing
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Photo = MBC'Radio Star' broadcast capture
Photo = MBC'Radio Star' broadcast capture

Lyricist Lee Kun-woo has been tested for a novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) and is following the guidelines of the quarantine authorities.

According to the Daily Sports report on the 8th, lyricist Lee Kun-woo conducted the Corona 19 test. Currently, all schedules have been suspended and are in self-isolation.

Lyricist Lee Kun-woo also appeared on MBC's'The People of Trot', which aired on the 4th, and concerns are growing.

'The People of Trot' said, "Lyricist Lee Kun-woo, who appears as a judge, was invited to test for Corona 19 while appearing on other entertainment programs, and was negatively judged as a result of the examination. "I did it."

Another official said, "Lyricist Lee Kun-woo was already in self-isolation after receiving the information that the traffic line with the corona 19 confirmed case overlapped." It is known that the moment they recognized the contents, they shared the contents of the overlapping movements with the production crew of Trot.

Lyricist Lee Kun-woo became famous by writing Yoo Seul's debut song ``Hapjeong Station Exit 5'' on MBC's'What Do You Do When You Play'. Starting with Jeon Youngrok's'Jongihak', Yun Soo-il'Ecstatic Confession', Kim Gun-Mo'Speed', Lula's'Angel Lost Wings', Tae Jin-ah'Love is One', Kim Yeon-ja'Amor Party', etc. Are receiving.

[News Inside Reporter Kang Haru news@newsinside.kr]

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