Mnet's "MAMA actor-singer waiting room, etc. Discrimination controversy NO → Corona quarantine rules"
Mnet's "MAMA actor-singer waiting room, etc. Discrimination controversy NO → Corona quarantine rules"
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Photo = 2020 Mnet'MAMA' website capture
Photo = 2020 Mnet'MAMA' website capture

Mnet's side has clarified the controversy about discrimination in the waiting room of the cast members of the '2020 Mnet ASIAN MUSIC AWARDS'.

On the 8th, Mnet explained, "It is absolutely not true that the singer who appeared on the stage of'MAMA' and the actor who appeared as an award winner were treated differently."

On the 6th, '2020 MAMA' was held non-face-to-face, and many idol groups and actors attended. However, claims were raised that discriminated against singers and actors over the waiting room. While singers waited in the car in the parking lot, they provided catering services and waiting rooms for actors.

Mnet said, "It was an inevitable option because there was a provision in the quarantine regulations for new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) that the residents should be limited to 100 people or less." I needed a waiting space because I had to. It was possible to accommodate the actor because there were fewer staff than the singer.”

“I asked the singers for their understanding that they were sorry in advance for the poor environment that they had to wait in the vehicle. I am sorry and thankful for your cooperation. The catering was also the same. No," he explained.

Not only the waiting room. There were also claims that there was discrimination regarding wearing a mask. Actual actors did not wear masks and went to the stage for awards, but singers expressed their feelings while wearing masks. Mnet said, "When waiting, everyone in the scene had to wear it. However, exceptions apply in front of the camera," said Mnet. "There was never a notice that'actors should take off their masks and singers should wear it.' In the beginning, one or two teams took off their masks and gave their impressions. Afterwards, as some singers wore them, it seems that the singers wore masks on their own.”

[News Inside Reporter Kang Haru]

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