'Singer Gain' No. 17+26 A creepy twin chemistry... Lee Sun-hee "It was like her own song"
'Singer Gain' No. 17+26 A creepy twin chemistry... Lee Sun-hee "It was like her own song"
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Photo = JTBC'Singa Gain' broadcast capture
Photo = JTBC'Singa Gain' broadcast capture

Singers No. 17 and No. 26 showed off their twin chemistry.

At JTBC's'Singer Gain', which aired on the 7th, the fierce competition of the 2nd round of the finals unfolded. On this day, No. 26 formed a team with No. 17.

The two have received the expectations of the participants since the team was formed. When No. 26 and No. 17 were called one after another, they received applause, saying, "I'm looking forward to this team" and "The two have a similar atmosphere."

No. 26 was highly praised by the judges to the point of acquiring All Again for the first time in the program, and No. 17 was evaluated as having a good retro sensibility by singing ‘To You Again’ with guitar.

The two had a lot in common. First of all, it was similar to the fact that it is a band vocal, and that Gangnam-gu has a residence in the neighborhood. Even twenty-eight, the same age. They also confirmed that they were both homey and soju, not beer.

No. 17 was surprised to say, "It's creepyly similar," and No. 26 said, "It's the first time I've had a similar taste with a person who looks like this."

The selection meeting was also a breeze. Curiously, the two boasted the same chemistry of choosing Shin Hae-cheol's'Invitation to Everyday'.

No. 17 expressed affection, "Breathing all went well, so each other came into everyday life," and No. 26 also said, "I think we will meet more often than any other team member." The two wishes were the same. No. 17 said, "I think it was a team originally, and I want to hear that I want the two to play a sound source," and No. 26 nodded and sympathized violently.

Everyday chemistry continued to be on stage. The two introduced the team name'Neither you nor me nor nerd' somewhat awkwardly, but as soon as they started playing the guitar, they showed off a wonderful stage like music geniuses.

The judges, who were looking forward to the two's stage, couldn't help but admired, "How are you doing so well?" After the stage was over, Lee Sun-hee praised, "I just listened to the song without anxiety. I just immersed in the song. It seemed like I was singing my own song." Song Min-ho raised his thumb, saying, "Thank you for a really good stage. I especially liked the middle narration part. It was nice to see the two of you because harmony came in there."

Amidst the praise of the judges, No. 17 and No. 26 defeated the No. 8, No. 21, and No. 54 teams that sang Kim Hyun-cheol's'fall of the moon'. No. 18 was eliminated by Shin Min-cheol, No. 21 was Jinwon, and No. 54 was an outing.

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