'Celebrate' Seung-hee, badminton special training for injured Park Chan-ho... Park Chan-ho "Thank you for your heart"
'Celebrate' Seung-hee, badminton special training for injured Park Chan-ho... Park Chan-ho "Thank you for your heart"
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Photo = KBS'Soccer Baseball Horse' broadcast capture
Photo = KBS'Soccer Baseball Horse' broadcast capture

Oh My Girl Seung-hee played in the badminton game instead of Park Chan-ho, who suffered a muscle injury.

In KBS'Soccer Baseball Malgu', which aired on the 7th, the appearance of Seunghee in special training to fill the vacancy of Park Chan-ho was drawn.

Previously, Park Chan-ho suffered a muscle injury during a badminton game with Gosu. Fortunately, it wasn't a cruciate ligament rupture, but the muscle connected to the back of the knee was torn and needed stability. Seung-hee stepped out in the situation where Lee Young-pyo had to play the badminton game alone.

Seunghee said, "Because it's a team. Because we're a team, I can't fill all the vacant seats in'Chopper (Park Chan-ho)', but if just standing in the vacant position can help Chopper, let's go out to play.

Early in the morning, Seung-hee asked his teachers Lee Yong-dae and Lee Young-pyo for special training. Lee Yong-dae meticulously gave lectures such as step, posture, and serve for the handsome Seung-hee. Lee Young-pyo, who saw the appearance, said, "I don't think I taught you the other day," causing laughter.

In a later interview, Lee Young-pyo said, "Seung-hee suggested secret training first. He was very motivated. Coach Lee Yong-dae also got up early in the morning and taught him very hard. Seung-hee did not play badminton a lot, but I was able to find progress." I was proud.

breakfast time. Lee Young-pyo and Seung-hee informed Park Chan-ho of the story of the badminton special training and the news of Seung-hee's participation in the game. Park Chan-ho said, "Really? Are you going in instead of me?", and Seung-hee confessed, "I can't do it as much as a chopper, but I feel like filling up an empty spot."

Park Chan-ho expressed his gratitude, saying, "I was really worried about Lee Young-pyo's singles game, but I was surprised that Seung-hee trained in the morning."

After having breakfast, Seung-hee practiced 1:1 at the gym with Lee Yong-dae while Lee Young-pyo and Park Chan-ho were picking up coriander.

After training, Seunghee said, "If you learn quickly in a short time, a lot of information enters the brain. Honestly, I was a little overloaded because I thought about things all at once. Still, I was able to learn more by teaching them 1:1" I didn't forget to convey.

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