BTS at the end of the year awards ceremony sweeping,'MAMA 2020' also swept away...8 crowns
BTS at the end of the year awards ceremony sweeping,'MAMA 2020' also swept away...8 crowns
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Photo = courtesy of Mnet

Group BTS is sweeping the year-end music awards ceremony. BTS won 8 crowns at'MAMA 2020' held on the 6th.

BTS will perform in MAMA 2020 (Mnet ASIAN MUSIC AWARDS, Mnet Asian Music Awards) held in a non-face-to-face manner on the 6th. Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, Album of the Year, Worldwide Icon of the Year, Best Male Group, Best Dance Performance It swept in eight categories including the male group, the best music video, and the Worldwide Fan's Choice Award.

When he won the Best Dance Performance Group Award, Jimin shouted out the names of the staff and said, "The reason for pursuing a great performance is for a good stage, and the reason for pursuing a good stage is because of the fans. Many singers prepared good performances today. It is regrettable that we cannot face it. Nevertheless, thank you for your support. I will continue to work harder in the future.”

After receiving the World Wide Fan's Choice award for a total of 10 teams, BTS said, "Thank you to ARMYs, who are more precious than anyone else," and "There was a time when we had only passion, ambition, and poison. When we met you, you had sincerity and emotions. It seems to have made me aware of the heart and love contained in. As the heart was communicated and learned, we were able to convey our sincerity to more people. It became a good synergy, so I think that all ARMYs around the world recognized us. Thank you for sharing your precious time together. ARMYs, I hope you will be happy and continue to make many memories with us."

The best male group award was also of BTS. Member Jin said, "Thanks to ARMYs, we received an award. It seems that we also fell into depression and emptiness due to Corona 19, but thanks to the support of ARMYs,'Dynamite' and'Life Goes On' were able to be born." “I want to say thank you to ARMYs, the driving force that motivated me,” he said.

The Best Music Video Award went back to BTS''Dynamite'. BTS said, "Thanks to ARMYs, a lot of people watched our music video a lot. Thank you to the directors, staff, and Big Hit family who worked hard on the music video.

After receiving the Worldwide Icon of the Year Award for 3 consecutive years, RM said, "I would like to say hello to ARMYs around the world and to all the people at home. I would like to express my sincere thanks." I don't know if the world is really big, but in terms of music and love, I don't think our world is such a big space. Thanks to your love and interest this year, I could feel your love right next to you. We all seemed connected. Thanks to ARMYs from all over the world, I have won this award.”

Then he was called as the winner of the Album of the Year Award. Jimin made a surprise phone call with Suga, saying, "Thank you very much. Suga hyung is recovering after surgery, and I came for such a big reward." Suga said, "Thank you to ARMY for giving this year's album award. Isn't it the most award-winning album this year. I'm looking at it and I like my heart. I'm rehabilitating hard. Don't worry too much." I want to tell you that I love you."

This year's song was also BTS''Dynamite'. RM said, "It is the only awards ceremony that was not invited when we debuted. As time passed, we were impressed to receive such a big award." There were times when we were alone with good news and we were uncomfortable. I hope that we can touch our sincerity. I wonder,'Can we talk to us through dance and song to live where we are stepping on?' But I'm grateful and sorry for accepting us generously to love the coming tomorrow, but time goes by and tomorrow comes and the morning comes. I hope I can see it while smiling again."

The final target was Artist of the Year. J-Hope, who grabbed the microphone after the award, said, "It is an honor to be able to come to the awards ceremony every year to show the stage and to receive a wonderful award. A lot has changed, but one glorious heart has not changed. Every time we grow up, we are called'great fans'. Listening to the words," he said, "I want to tell you once again that I made a testimony and performed at this place and that this is all thanks to ARMYs. Thanks to these friends and this team this year, I was not sick, I was not lonely, I was not depressed. I want to say that I love you."

The following MAMA 2020 winners (works).

▶ Artist of the Year BTS
▶ Song of the Year BTS'Dynamite'

▶ Album of the Year BTS
▶Worldwide Icon of the Year BTS
▶Inspire Achievement BoA
▶The Most Popular Artist Twice
▶ Male singer Baekhyun
▶ female singer IU
▶Best male group BTS
▶Best girl group Black Pink
Best ▶ a collaboration IU
▶ Best Vocal Solo Performance IU
▶ Best Vocal Performance Group Mamamoo
▶ Best Band Performance Day Six
▶ Best Dance Performance Solo Hwasa
▶Best dance performance male group BTS
▶Best Dance Performance Female Group Black Pink
▶Best Stage MONSTA X
▶Best Hip-Hop & R&B Zico
▶ Favorite Dance Performance Group Tomorrow by Together
▶ Favorite Dance Performance Male Solo Taemin
▶Favorite dance performance female solo presentation
▶Favorite girl group IZone
▶Favorite male group NCT
▶ Favorite Asian Asian Asian Waves V
▶Global Favorite Performer Seventeen
▶Notable Achievement Artist Seventeen
▶Best Music Video BTS
▶Best OST Gaho
▶ Discovery of the Year ATEEZ
▶ Rookie Award Treasure Weekly
▶Best of Next Cravity
▶Worldwide Fans Choice NCT, Treasure, Tomorrow by Together, GOT7, ATEEZ, Seventeen, Mamamu, Twice, BTS, Black Pink

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