Hong Hyun-hee "Ji bitter ideal type is Han Ji-min"...
Hong Hyun-hee "Ji bitter ideal type is Han Ji-min"...
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Jimin Han-Hyunhee Hong/ Photo = Capture of MBC'Point of Omniscient Interference

Hong Hyun-hee presented tteokbokki and rice crackers to Han Ji-min, a tteokbokki enthusiast.

In MBC's'Point of Omniscient Interference' broadcast on December 5th, Hong Hyun-hee meets Ji-min Han and Joo-hyuk Nam.

On this day, Hyeon-hee Hong became the MC of the interview for the movie'Joe', starring Han Ji-min and Nam Joo-hyuk. Hong Hyun-hee stopped by the shop and said, "I have to do it like Han Ji-min today." Hong Hyun-hee laughed loudly, saying, "The ideal brother of Jay is Han Ji-min. I was on the bucket list, but the marriage was with'one baggage'."

Han Ji-min, who saw Hong Hyun-hee, was surprised and asked, "Why is your face? Is it injured? Is it a mask?" Han Ji-min's mask was too big for Han Ji-min, but it was perfect for Hong Hyun-hee and made a laugh.

Han Ji-min, who received the Tteokbokki gift, liked "I love it so much", and Nam Joo-hyuk also welcomed him. When Hong Hyun-hee said, "I knew that Nam Joo-hyuk wasn't eating because he was taking care of his body," Han Ji-min said, "Joo-hyuk is the least person I've ever seen."

Ji-min Han shared the philosophy of tteokbokki, saying, "It's a style to visit and eat tteokbokki. I also ate oily tteokbokki last week." Hong Hyun-hee said, "I tried to infer the personality of Han Ji-min while eating Tteokbokki. It's hairy and beautiful," and manager Han Ji-min replied "It's all right."

Hong Hyeon-hee also presented rice cakes, followed by rice cakes. Nam Joo-hyuk was given a customized sweet potato roll, and Han Ji-min gave Hong Hyun-hee a macaroon prepared by fans.

[News Inside Reporter Jeong Yong-in news@newsinside.kr]

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