Jang Ye-won + Jang Ye-in announcer sister bucket list,'paragliding' challenge
Jang Ye-won + Jang Ye-in announcer sister bucket list,'paragliding' challenge
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Jang Ye-won-Jang Ye-in
Jang Ye-won-Jang Ye-in / Photo = tvN'On and Off' provided

Jang Ye-won, a freelance announcer who recently left SBS, challenged paragliding with his younger brother.

Jang Ye-won, Ayumi, and Hwang Bo appeared in tvN'On and Off' that aired on the 5th. Jang Ye-won said, "It has been 2-3 months since I left SBS."

"Where did I get sick?" Jang Ye-won replied, "Looking back in my 20s, I was pouring everything into one job."

Jang Ye-won, former MBC Sports Plus announcer and recently married younger brother Jang Ye-in, visited the honeymoon home. Jang Ye-won introduced his younger brother, saying, "Because I'm one year old, I'm my best friend."

Jang Ye-won, who hasn't had a proper break for eight years as an announcer, cited paragliding and publishing books as what he wanted to do most while writing a bucket list.

Jang Ye-won suggested to his younger brother to join him, saying, "You should fly now, too", and the two arrived at the Yangpyeong paragliding site. However, contrary to expectations, Jang Ye-in trembled in fear and made me laugh with endlessly high treble. Even before the beautiful scenery, he poured out tears in fear and created regret.

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