Bulletproof Boy Scouts all-kill 6 crowns in'MMA 2020'...
Bulletproof Boy Scouts all-kill 6 crowns in'MMA 2020'...
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Bulletproof Boy Scouts/ Photo = provided by Kakao
Bulletproof Boy Scouts/ Photo = provided by Kakao

BTS won 6 crowns at the'Melon Music Awards 2020' of Kakao's music platform Melon.

BTS attending the '2020 Melon Music Awards' (hereinafter '2020 MMA') held through Kakao TV at 7 p.m. on the 5th, TOP 10, Artist of the Year, Album of the Year, Best Song of the Year, Netizen Popularity Award, and Best Dance Award Swept. On this day, BTS performed the'Black Swan' performance,'On','Life Go's On' and'Dynamite' in sequence.

In his impression of winning the album of the year, Jimin said, "Thank you so much. Receiving this award again means a lot to us because it was the album award that was the first to receive the grand prize at MMA. I am so happy to hear this,” he said.

Jimin also said, "Because we were able to receive this award like this, I think it can be a good message to tell many people that everyone can be like this. Thank you, ARMYs, who always support me, and I can make a good album. PD Bang Si-hyuk for helping me, Big Hit family, and many producers are sincerely grateful.”

After winning the Best Song of the Year, Jungkook said, "One of the things that I feel most proud of while being a singer is when many people are empowered, when they can strengthen themselves, when they are comforted, and at that time, I feel the most proud. “I felt good to see you who are receiving a lot of strength from this song, and I also received a lot of strength from the song,” he said.

“I want to continue making and listening to music that can comfort and strengthen you in the future,” he said. “Thank you to the composer and staff who worked hard with us for great songs. I will continue to make better songs. I love you.” He added.

After receiving the Artist of the Year Award, RM said, "Thank you so much to all of you," and "We do our best to reach each other through the medium of music like this in our respective seats and survive this long winter together until the springtime comes. I hope we live together. Because the seasons return and life continues, I hope that someday spring will come and live with us. All of you have been so hard this year, and I really appreciate and love you.

Next, V said, "What we need to tell you here is, in fact, we are seven. If I say a word to Suga hyung who is watching this video, I hope that we received a lot of awards today and we will get better soon and have a lot of pleasant memories with us." He conveyed his heartfelt heart to the member Suga, who could not be seated with him.

Jimin also said, "It seems that everyone was in a difficult situation with Corona 19. We were able to get up again because of the strength of the members and ARMYs. Not only ARMYs, but also many people listened to our music and got a little stronger. I hope there will be. I am always grateful and will continue to work hard in the future."

J-Hope said, "I want to say thank you to PD Bang Si-hyuk, and I really appreciate all the employees of Big Hit Entertainment. There are endless people to thank for the staff. Thank you parents and the artist award is the flower of the awards ceremony. Thank you so much for making it. I love you.” V said, "I love you, ARMY."

Meanwhile, Cravity and Weekly received the Rookie Award on this day. Top 10 gimhojung Bulletproof Boy Scouts Byun Baek-hyun Baek Ye-rin had 10 teams (person) Awards, including IU Oh My Girl imyoungung Zico Black Eyes pink circle.

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