'Yester Day' Song Chang-sik's passion "BTS is my standard...I respect Na Hoon-ah, who practice every day"
'Yester Day' Song Chang-sik's passion "BTS is my standard...I respect Na Hoon-ah, who practice every day"
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Photo = MBN'Yesterday' broadcast capture
Photo = MBN'Yesterday' broadcast capture

Singer Song Chang-sik showed an extraordinary passion for music.

In MBN's'Life Album-Yesterday', which aired on the 4th, broadcaster Sang-byeok Lee, singer Song Chak-sik, and Kim Se-hwan appeared as the main characters.

On this day, Song Chang-sik revealed that "there is no favorite song" among the numerous songs he made himself, arousing the surprise of the cast.

Song Chang-sik said, "In fact, there was something like a strategy. I wanted to make a song that only Song Chang-sik could sing, and that other people couldn't sing. I couldn't see the end of such a song."

He also expressed his regret, saying, "It's okay for other people to sing, but there must be a unique genre of'This is Song's song'."

MC Ahn Jae-wook poured out praise, saying, "It seems that the colors are the strongest in Korea," but Song Chang-sik said, "But I went out from all over the world, and it wasn't as good as BTS."

Not only this. He was still sensitive to the trend and continued to whip on himself.

On this day, Lee Sang-byeok said, "Song Chang-sik recently said,'Have you seen Na Hoon-ah's performance? It was cool.' If I can't speak to others, he said,'I respect Na Hoon-ah. He also practiced every day.'" Then he said, "Wherever I go, I have to give a separate practice room for Song Chang-sik. I practice my hardest. Whether it is Na Hun-ah or Song Chang-sik, it is not just made," he said.

At that time, Ahn Jae-wook asked, "Song Chang-sik called Na Hoon-ah's'Tess hyung!" in the waiting room. Why did you do it?" Song Chang-sik was embarrassed, saying, "Isn't that a trend these days?" Sang'in his own style.

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