'Pyeon Restaurant' Lee Yoo-ri wins after 6 challenges, "I have a heavy shoulder to taste first place"
'Pyeon Restaurant' Lee Yoo-ri wins after 6 challenges, "I have a heavy shoulder to taste first place"
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Photo = KBS'New Release Edition' broadcast capture
Photo = KBS'New Release Edition' broadcast capture

Actor Lee Yoo-ri won the final victory after six challenges.

On the 4th of the KBS'New Release Edition', the protagonist of the 18th menu launch on the theme of paprika was revealed.

The food that Lee Young-ja served on this day was'Paprica Jam Sandwich' using smoked paprika jam. Chef Kim Ho-yoon, who tasted the taste, praised, "The important point of the sandwich is the satisfaction that comes from one bite. The egg is thick and there is jam, so it has all the advantages I want." Chef Chung Ho-young also praised, "It was good because the scent of grilled chicken disappeared and the combination with the egg was good. I think it would be good to release the jam alone."

However, Chef Lee Yeon-bok found one drawback. He advised, "I was uncomfortable to eat. The ingredients keep escaping. It would be better to block one side of the bread."

Ryu Soo-young made'Fish Burger' with a fried fish patty covered with paprika romesco sauce, chopped pickle mayonnaise sauce, grilled leek, and cheetah confectionery powder. This was a menu that made use of 100% of the experience of working in a hamburger restaurant at M Company in 1997.

The chefs said, "The tempura is the best part", it's crunchy and the sweets themselves have a seasoning so it's delicious." The combination of sauce and tempura is also good.” Chef Rayman Kim said, “I think you've been to Spain about 20 times. He praised it, saying, "It's almost the same as the local flavor," but "The chopped pickle mayonnaise sauce seems to break the balance of taste. Even without it, it would be delicious enough.”

Lee Yoo-ri made'paprika red rice'. The food was overall Spanish Paea style. He added raw rice to the paprika and added the broth made from sok and clams. Put the ground paprika and paprika powder on the rice to give it a red color, and add the young paprika leaves.

Chef Rayman Kim, who tasted it, said, "You've been to Spain once, and you've been well. You've cooked rice well in a restaurant class. If food comes out like this, it's a quality that's worth paying for." Chef Michael also said, "I eat paprika rice three times a week in Bulgaria. So, I was very excited, but it's good. The texture of the cockle is fun." As the praise continued, Lee Yoo-ri tasted the feeling of the winner in advance, saying, "This is how I feel in first place."

Kim Jae-won also cooked with his son Lee Jun-i this day. The first thing I made was Lee Jun-i's favorite pizza. Kim Jae-won made a pizza with his own style using tomango (a tomato that tastes sweet like a mango), which is 30 times sweeter than sugar, paprika sauce, white part of bread, chicken ribs, and balsamic sauce. After that, Kim Jae-won praised himself, saying, "It is the most delicious pizza I have ever eaten." It was a pizza that caught all of the health, taste, and visuals.

However, Kim Jae-won's final menu was not pizza. He selected'paprika steamed bun' that goes well with winter as a menu. It was a steamed bun that was kneaded with sticky flour to hold the sticky texture and colored with paprika powder. And the secret weapon of Kim Jae-won was argan oil.

Kim Jae-won's steamed paprika was praised by the chefs as "perfect. It's good to eat instead of rice", "I can't stand the bread itself after eating a little," and "It doesn't fall behind for commercial use." However, Chef Rayman Kim expressed regret, "If you must point out, the texture of the sauce and ingredients inside covered the paprika. There is no presence of paprika."

As a result of the chefs' discussion, the final winner was Lee Yoo-ri. It was his first victory after appearing in'Pyeon Restaurant'. Lee Yoo-ri enjoyed the joy of winning with a cry "finally!" Lee Yoo-ri, who felt joy after six challenges, said, "All the menus were dropped six times, and I was in the position of the sixth glory. The taste of No. 1 is heavy. Thank you so much. It doesn't matter if you're inferior. You can do it until the end" I expressed my feelings.

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