'A good day to love' Han Ji-min "The first overseas trip with my 30-year-old friends, my personality has changed"
'A good day to love' Han Ji-min "The first overseas trip with my 30-year-old friends, my personality has changed"
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Photo =  KBS Cool FM's radio capture showing'This is Lee Geum-hee'
Photo = Radio capture showing KBS Cool FM's'Good Day to Love'

Actor Han Ji-min revealed the opportunity for his personality to change.

He appeared in KBS Cool FM's'I'm Lee Geum-hee on a nice day to love' aired on the 4th to promote the movie'Joe' and boasted an honest talk.

Han Ji-min said, "I was always a fan of Lee Geum-hee and the radio."

Han Ji-min said of the movie'Joe', "It's been a long time since we've come to love. In this time when we can't be close to each other unintentionally, I think we'll be able to touch our hard hearts with the greatest emotion of'love'." said.

In addition, he raised expectations by saying, "You will be able to come up with your own preparations. There may be lingering lingers, and tears may flow."

Han Ji-min also expressed regret about the changed atmosphere on the set due to the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19). He said, "In the middle of the filming, we all had snacks and chattering together, but now that we can't do it, we missed it so much," he said.

Lee Geum-hee was once again surprised by Han Ji-min, who boasts a wide fan base while reading the messages of listeners. Han Ji-min said, "The fans who come face-to-face have more women," he said. "Men people express a lot on the Internet or SNS, but they seem to be ashamed of the direct expression. In fact, I can feel the love of the learners (fans) directly. There aren't a few opportunities,” he laughed embarrassingly.

"Is there a way to relieve stress?" asked one listener, "In fact, my nephew is the one that gives me great strength. My child's pure laughter and fighting relieves all my stress," he said. "Every time I get nervous, I have a video call with my nephew. "If you do, it will relieve you a lot of tension," he said, revealing his unusual affection for his nephew. He said, "When I can't make a video call, I see a lot of the sky. I take a lot of walks and try to get a lot of what nature gives," he said.

On this day, Ji-min Han honestly shared his personality changes. He said, "In my twenties, I had poor sociality, so when I looked back on youth, I didn't have much to remember. I didn't think of anything other than the work, so I wanted to do everything I wanted to do when I rest after the work," he said.

"Before Corona, I often went to the jjimjilbang, lined up well at restaurants, sometimes tilted my glasses, and made a nice toast with people who recognized me. And sometimes when I felt good, I would pay for the drink." Added.

When asked, "Is there a chance that your personality changed?" "I went on a trip abroad with my friends for the first time at the age of 30. I also danced at the music for the first time. I was very late. I think I will regret it after passing, so let's enjoy it a lot. "I thought," he said, "The personality has changed a lot, but I don't like all of the changes, but I'm glad to see it."

About the Christmas plan, Han Ji-min said, "I always had my sister and nephew in Australia at Christmas time, and I went to the ski resort. But this year I have no plans because I can't meet you. I'm thinking about what to do." , I don't know if there is aegyo as a woman. That doesn't mean studying. I want to try aegyo.” Even aegyo confessed in surprise and made a laugh.

Lee Geum-hee frankly said, "Yes. I thought I didn't have aegyo, but it was developed. The aegyo that I would have shown in my childhood comes out," he said honestly and made a smile.

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