'Icon Tact' Sohn Heon-soo, Park Soo-hong and Yoon Jeong-soo informed the breakup
'Icon Tact' Sohn Heon-soo, Park Soo-hong and Yoon Jeong-soo informed the breakup
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Photo = Channel A'Icon Tact' broadcast capture
Photo = Channel A'Icon Tact' broadcast capture

Son Heon-soo informed Yoon Jeong-soo of the breakup.

On the 2nd broadcast of Channel A's'Icon Tact', comedians Yoon Jeong-su and Son Heon-soo had eye contact. Actor Kim Soo-mi appeared as a special MC and watched it together.

Yoon Jeong-soo confided that he was embarrassed by Son Heon-soo's unilateral declaration of separation. Heonsu Son informed him through an article that he would break the relationship with his best friends Yoon Jeong-soo and Park Soo-hong, and there was no contact afterwards. Yoon Jeong-soo seemed to be saddened by Son Heon-soo's farewell notification, and the shock did not go away.

Son Heon-su confessed that he decided to break up at Park Soo-hong's words to live in Silver Town together. At first, I thought it was a joke, but after that, I confessed that I was terrified when I heard Park Soo-hong's drunkness saying, "I'm really happy these days. Do you know why I'm making money? I'm going to buy dirty hands in Silver Town with you guys." He expressed his sincerity that he wanted to break up from the relationship with Park Soo-hong and Yoon Jeong-soo, saying that it is urgent to have their own family.

Son Heon-su also reported the breakup to Yoon Jeong-su, saying, "Let's break up." As a result, Yoon Jeong-su raised his voice and blew his eyes in regret. Yoon Jung-soo said, "It feels like I'm parting with a woman I'm dating," and said, "I feel like I'm breaking up with a woman I'm dating."

Son Heon-soo said, "It's meaningless, I think I have to stop now." Said.

In the words of Park Soo-hong and Yoon Jeong-soo, Son Heon-soo said, "I should have done it for reference and reflect my thoughts, but my brothers were everything to me," he said.

At the confession of Son Heon-soo after 20 years, Yoon Jeong-soo was confused and shouted, "Why do you notice us? We can just be close". In the end, Yoon Jeong-su made a video call to Park Soo-hong, and Son Heon-su also conveyed his sincerity to Park Soo-hong. Park Soo-hong said, "You have to be thoroughly reading. It's something we learned from seeing us. We are also responsible. You don't take care of me, my older brother."

Yoon Jeong-su gave the final suggestion, "Spend your time well and live your life by appearing as if it's okay on my birthday. Otherwise, don't appear." However, Son Heon-soo rejected Yoon Jeong-soo's proposal and left the eye contact room.

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