"Tampering in love" Suo-ah "I have had an affair with my boyfriend... lie is not unconditionally"
"Tampering in love" Suo-ah "I have had an affair with my boyfriend... lie is not unconditionally"
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Photo = KBS Joy 'Love Interaction 3'broadcast capture
Photo = KBS Joy'Love Interference 3'broadcast capture

Actress Soosoo-ah appeared in'Love Trick 3'and showed off her honest talk.

On the 1st broadcast of KBS Joy's'Tampering in Love 3', Soosoo Ah appeared as a guest. He said, "Because my boyfriend had cheated on me in the past, I sympathized with him." The MCs were angry that the real Soo-ah had such an experience.

On this day, the story of'some' was revealed. The main character of the story meant that a female employee at the company gave her an eel tail during a dinner party. "I don't know if it's because I have a lot of maternal love, but if I see a close younger brother or a skinny friend, I take care of it. A man might misunderstand what he did with a warm heart."

The story of a man preparing for law school suffering from his girlfriend's polarity was also revealed. This girlfriend manages her boyfriend's SNS, sets an alarm according to the time to eat herbal medicine, and even collapses after 3,000 times.

Soo-ah said, "I'm good at homework," but he shook his head, saying, "It's okay until the lunch box, but I was scared from the alarm."

The story of a woman who has been in a relationship with her boyfriend by hiding an unfortunate family affair came out in the drama'Yeon Cham'. After the ex-boyfriend who knew everything about him left, saying it was difficult, he behaved like a daughter who grew up loved and raised under the parents of a public servant.

In such a situation, the ex-boyfriend told him to come back to the appearance, and the woman felt confused. To make matters worse, the current boyfriend even made a proposal to the confused woman. In the end, the woman confessed all her lies to her current boyfriend, and the current boyfriend chose a woman nonetheless.

When asked what it would be like if all of her boyfriend's words were false like this story, Soosoo-ah said, "I think I'll organize there. I can't be happy. I don't know what else this person can cheat. Even if it's a lie of good intentions, I'm going to get angry. Innocent heart." You can't lie if you like me."

To the last question asked about her appearance, Soosoo-ah added, "Dating seems to be very difficult. No matter what anyone says, my heart seems to be the most important" and added, "You shouldn't lie again."

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