'Statue Dream 2'Jun-jin wife Ryu Yi-seo, ovary age 25… Endometrioma surgery for 2 years old
'Statue Dream 2'Jun-jin wife Ryu Yi-seo, ovary age 25… Endometrioma surgery for 2 years old
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Photo = SBS'Statue Dream 2-You are my destiny' broadcast capture
Photo = SBS'Statue Dream 2-You are my destiny' broadcast capture

Jun Jin and Ryu Lee Seo visited the obstetrics and gynecology department.

On the 30th aired on SBS'Statue Dream 2-You Are My Destiny', the appearance of the couple Jeonjin-Ryui-seo, who started to prepare for the second generation in earnest, spread.

On this day, Jun Jin and Liu Seo were having a sweet time in the living room with cucumber packs on their faces. At this time, Ryu Seo said, "I don't know why I'm so bloated these days. I don't work a lot, but I keep getting sleepy,"

Jeon-jin, who was worried about the continuing abnormal (?) symptoms, began to speculate, "Are you pregnant?" Jeonjin said, "Because you don't know, I'll buy a pregnancy test. Or I'll get a digestive medicine. But I feel a little strange."

Then, "Isn't there any word to use a shortened pregnancy test?", and Ryu Seo said, "Im tegi, but I'm not too experts," and laughed. Jun-jin, who ran to the pharmacy in one step, bought a pill and digestive medicine from the pharmacist, and ran right home.

After returning home, Jeon Jin showed expectations, and Ryu Seo said, "Don't expect," and took a pregnancy test. After waiting for five minutes, Liu Yi-seo came out with a smile and the result was non-pregnant. Jeonjin said, "We didn't prepare properly," and Ryuseo revealed the fact that the sperm was frozen, saying, "My brother still frozen it."

At this time, Ryu Seo said, "I have something to prepare for a healthy mother and father," and Nango said, "You have to take good care of it."

The next day, Junjin-Ryuseo couple visited the obstetrics and gynecology clinic for an accurate diagnosis. "I'm going to have a child next year. But I had an endometrioma of 3cm 6 months ago. But nowadays, my menstrual pain is getting worse," explained the symptom.

In response, the doctor retested, saying, "Endomas may interfere with pregnancy." "I've been working as a flight attendant for about 10 years, and that's the reason," said Ryu Seo, and the doctor said, "The factors that cause endomas are sleep habits and stress."

Liseo asked, "My brother has frozen sperm, but should I freeze the egg?", and the doctor explained, "This is not the case for Liu Seo-nim. This is when unmarried women have no intention of getting married yet." .

In front of Ryu Yi-seo, who had completed the endometriosis test, Jeon Jin was shown praying while kneeling while holding his hand.

The doctor said, "I did a test asking about the age of the ovaries. Lee Seo-nim is only 37 years old. But the ovaries came out to be 25 years old." Jeonjin couldn't hide his excitement, cheering and saying, "It's creepy."

In particular, the unexpected result, Liu Yiseo asked, "Is it possible? I can't believe it," and finally, with tears, Jeon Jin also rejoiced, saying, "I have to call my mother-in-law."

However, for a while, the doctor showed ultrasound of the left and right ovaries and explained, "The size of the endometrioma is 4.25cm, which is larger than 6 months ago. It needs to be treated. Without surgery, the probability of infertility increases."

Eventually, after fasting, Liu Yi-seo decided to undergo surgery immediately, and the doctor said, "A total of 3 endomas must be removed."

Jeonjin, who was waiting outside, reassured Ryu, who came out after sleeping anesthesia, saying, "The teacher said the operation was really good." Looking at Ryu Yi-seo, who had less anesthesia, he expressed his affection, saying, "It's cute. I think I've drank a lot."

Soon after holding Ryu Seo's hand, he said, "It's really fortunate. I think he felt like this when I was hospitalized for a week because I was sick. I wasn't feeling good."

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