'Simple cleanup' Kim Chang-ryul, tears + laughter coexisted cleanup "I will live while emptying in the future"
'Simple cleanup' Kim Chang-ryul, tears + laughter coexisted cleanup "I will live while emptying in the future"
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Photo = tvN'Quick Organize' broadcast capture
Photo = tvN'Quick Organize' broadcast capture

Singer Kim Chang-ryul was moved by seeing the organized house.

On the TVN's'Quick Clean Up', which aired on the 30th, the whole family appeared, including Kim Chang-ryul, wife Jang Chae-hee, son Joo-hwan, and daughter Ju-ha, to reveal Maximalist's house full of objects.

The quick organizers said, "My wife came out alone," and said, "I don't know if it's been a conversation with my husband or not." The client, who was wrapped in a veil, was Kim Chang-ryul's wife, Jang Chae-hee. Chae-hee Jang said, "My husband has too many things. I threw it away without my husband's knowledge before, but after knowing, I was really angry.

Kim Chang-ryul's house, which was revealed that day, was full of difficulties from the living room. There was a huge tent and a huge box in the center of the living room. Kim Chang-ryul said, "I feel frustrated when I'm in the bedroom. I sleep in a tent because my lifestyle is different." Just like his father, Juha was living there, calling the giant paper box'Juhajib'. Chae-hee Jang said, "I'm worried that 8-year-old Juha imitated his father."

In the room of Juha, which was released, there was a lot of equipment for Kim Chang-ryul to conduct internet broadcasting. The balcony was filled with a collection of sneakers, CDs, bicycles, and other items. Joo-ha was upset, saying, "My dad took my room." Kim Chang-ryul said, "I want to make a space for my hometown," he said. However, even in Joo-hwan's room, his father's items continued to appear and shocked him.

The next place to be revealed was the dressing room. Kim Chang-ryul said, "This is the green belt area of my house. I hope this place is not cleaned up." Shin Ae-ra, who entered the room, said, "Beyond the Maximalist, I am piled up in my luggage." Yoon Gyun-sang shook his head, saying, "I haven't been standing on two feet since I came to this house." Park Na-rae laughed when he said, "All four members of the family are living in a rented room."

The quick organizers started emptying things. The spacious living room was filled with hobby items such as fishing, snowboarding, and boarding. Kim Chang-ryul showed tears when his parents' bowling equipment was found. "The things and the story seem to be connected. My mother died because she was sick, but when I saw the bowling equipment, I remembered when my mother was healthy, so I cried."

It hurt my heart, but the cleanup proceeded. The results were dramatic. Jang Jae-hee couldn't hide her joy in the 180-degree home. Only essential items were placed in the living room, where a huge tent and box were placed in the center. "My voice is ringing," Kim Chang-ryul jumped in joy.

In a chapter in the corner of the living room, Kim Chang-ryul collected the CDs he had collected so far. While looking at the CD with a good mood, I found the solo album I gave to my father, and I was again blinded. He cried again, saying, "It's my first solo album, but my father died shortly after giving this album."

The bedroom, where the children's bunk beds were located, was changed to a space for complete relaxation, leaving only necessary furniture. In addition, the balcony space, which was neglected as a junkyard, became a shoe rack by collecting shoes scattered throughout the house. Kim Chang-ryul was surprised, saying, "It's creepy."

The dressing room that Kim Chang-ryul said,'I don't want you to clean this place,' was transformed into a room by Joo-hwan. The room that was surrounded by clothes and the walls were not visible was neatly removed. Kim Chang-ryul was amazed, saying, "Was the wallpaper pink?" Juha's room, which had been stolen by his dad, turned into a room for an 8-year-old child. After returning from school, Joo-ha was satisfied with her own room and was delighted that she was "too good."

The room that was full of clothes has been transformed into a space for Kim Chang-ryul, from a space where you can broadcast on the Internet to a display case where personal collections are displayed. Kim Chang-ryul bowed a lot to the quick organizer and made a pledge to "I'm so grateful. I've emptied it, and I think there's something I realize.

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