Park Seul-gi,'Tape' Kim Tae-hee and a friendly two-shot
Park Seul-gi,'Tape' Kim Tae-hee and a friendly two-shot
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Photo = Park Seulgi SNS
Photo = Park Seulgi SNS

Broadcaster Park Seul-gi released two shots with actor Kim Tae-hee.

On the 30th, Seulgi Park posted on his SNS, saying,'#Thick #Kim Tae-hee. I tried my best to decorate it and tried V with both hands, but I posted a photo with a post titled,'It will drive my unavoidable appearance.'

In the released photo, Seulgi Park is smiling while posing with Taehee Kim in a friendly pose. If Kim Tae-hee showed off her unchanging goddess beauty, Park Seul-gi wore a white suit and showed off her intellectual charm unlike her usual character.

On the other hand, Seulgi Park shows the daily life of her husband and daughter Soye in TV Chosun'The Taste of a Wife, which is nowhere in the world'.

[News Inside Reporter Kang Haru]

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