'Ask Bodhisattva' Lee Dong-guk's daughter Jae-shi "Child actor Kim Kang-hoon is my ideal type, give me a face-to-face
'Ask Bodhisattva' Lee Dong-guk's daughter Jae-shi "Child actor Kim Kang-hoon is my ideal type, give me a face-to-face
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Photo = KBS Joy'Ask Anything' broadcast capture
Photo = KBS Joy'Ask Anything' broadcast capture

Former soccer player Lee Dong-guk's daughter Jae-shi confessed that the child actor Kim Kang-hoon is the ideal type.

In KBS Joy's'Ask Anything' broadcasted on the 30th, 14-year-old twins Jaeshi-Jaea and 7-year-old Xian appeared.

Jaeshi opened her mouth to the question of Seo Jang-hoon and Lee Soo-geun, "We have three concerns."

Jaeshi's first worry was "Sian Yi keeps rejecting me." He said, "Since she is cute and pretty, if she tries to hug or kiss her, she keeps running away and gets hurt." Sian said, "I have to kiss once a day, but I do too much," and "Jasie's older sister kisses the most at home."

As a second concern, Jaeshi shyly confessed, "I have a person I like." He said, "It's my ideal type. But when I talk about it, I laugh. I'm an actor, and it was a huge topic for the drama'When Camellia Blooms'. I'm a child actor Kim Kang-hoon. I'm 2 years younger than me."

Jaysie confessed honestly, "I applied for following Kim Kang-hoon's SNS five months ago, and I hope you will accept it." The MCs immediately connected the video call with Kim Kang-hoon. Lee Soo-geun conveyed Jaeshi's story to him, and Kim Kang-hoon shyly expressed his gratitude.

Jaeshi said, "In the past, I liked you because you were cute, but these days, you're good at talking and you're a little cool. Do your best," said "Please accept a friend request," and Kim Kang-hoon happily accepted.

On this day, Jaeshi, Jaeah, and Xian also revealed their dreams. Jasie confessed, "I used to be a model, but nowadays I want to be a fashion designer and model." Xian said, "I want to become a soccer player," but said, "I don't intend to do well like my dad," and once again caused laughter.

Jae-ah's concerns were also revealed. Jae-ah said, "I am worried that my dad will be nagging even more since he retired. I used to do it only on weekends, but now I'm always together, so I think it will get worse." He said, "Based on a professional tennis player, you're nagging a lot," he said. "Because my dad is a very strong person, he said he was sicker if I said he was sick."

Following Kim Kang-hoon, the MCs attempted a video call with Lee Dong-guk. Lee Dong-guk listened to Jae-ah's worries and gave a laugh with reactions such as "I will not overlap with my children" and "I will reflect." After listening to the story of Jaeshi's ideal type, she realized that "Oh, she likes that way."

Seo Jang-hoon said about Lee Dong-guk's retirement, "You've worked hard so far. It's been a real blessing to retire while winning. Congratulations. It's been a while since then, and if you don't do something later, you'll become enemies. Then come here once." Lee Dong-guk promised, "I will take a break and go to consult with you if you feel like that."

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