'Knowing Brother' Kim Se-jung, Lim Young-woong's fan heart
'Knowing Brother' Kim Se-jung, Lim Young-woong's fan heart
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Sejeong Kim/ Photo = JTBC'Knowing Brother' capture

Group Gugudan member and actor Kim Se-jeong revealed that he is a fan of Lim Young-woong.

Actors Yoo Jun-sang, Cho Byeong-gyu, and Kim Se-jeong appeared in the drama'Wonderful Rumors' in JTBC's'Knowing Brother', which aired on the 28th.

Kim Se-jeong drew attention by writing that giving songs to trot singer Lim Young-woong is her future hope.

Kim Se-jeong expressed his fan spirit, saying, “I am writing a song hard these days,” and “I will write it right away if I get a call from Young-Woong Lim.”

He continued, "I want to write a trot song, and I also want to try it," and the brothers asked Sejeong Kim for a trot song. Accordingly, Kim Se-jung digested Joo Hyun-mi's'I met you again' with a light tone.

Kim Se-jeong also sent a three-line poem video letter to Lim Young-woong, saying, "Lim Young-woong, if you see the video, please call me. Hung? Hung?"

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