'Uncomfortable couple' Kim Kook-jin, Kang Su-ji's first overnight declaration "Okay. Even if it's hard, I'll sleep alone"
'Uncomfortable couple' Kim Kook-jin, Kang Su-ji's first overnight declaration "Okay. Even if it's hard, I'll sleep alone"
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Photo = SBS'Burning Youth' broadcast capture
Photo = SBS'Burning Youth' broadcast capture

Kang Soo-ji and Kim Kook-jin, a couple created by'Burning Youth', once again showed off the side of a loving couple.

In SBS'Burning Youth', which aired on the 24th, Kang Soo-ji joined as a'Friend I want to see' in the year-end special. After spending time playing jerk off together, they strengthened their friendship.

It was evening, and the married people asked if they were allowed to stay overnight. Lee Jong-beom said, "My wife told me to come after being serious," he said, "I know my personality. When I get excited, the tension rises, so I told him to calm down a little.

After Lee Jong-beom's talk was over, everyone said, "Let's call my wife that it has arrived." He immediately connected with his wife. Lee Jong-beom's wife mentioned Kim Gwang-gyu, and Lee Jong-beom suggested his sister-in-law and a blind date. Everyone raised the atmosphere, saying, "Is it going to marry Gwanggyu now?"

When Lee Jong-beom said, "Our sister-in-law is a calm and prudent personality," Choi Seong-guk asked, "Is it possible to have a surprise meeting now?" Accordingly, Lee Jong-beom said, "It's Kim Gwang-gyu's job," and Kim Gwang-gyu said, "I don't usually talk about this after the filming is over, it's too public." In addition, my sister-in-law, who is the party, laughed because she said she did not know this.

The members wondered if they were allowed to stay overnight from Kang Su-ji, and Kang Su-ji connected the phone to her husband, Kim Kook-jin. Kang Su-ji said, "I don't call him Su-ji. My nickname is a puppy."

When asked how Mrs. Freedom was, Kang Su-ji, who was married while preparing food, and said, "It's good, but what", and Kim Wan-seon said, "It's good to be unfamiliar with anything."

At this time, Kang Su-ji received a call from Kim Kook-jin. Everyone mentioned staying out again, and Kang Su-ji said, "I'm going to sleep," and he almost laughed by declaring a stay-at-home.

When Kim Kook-jin loved Kang Su-ji and said, "I know," Kim Gwang-gyu interfered, saying, "Isn't it so easy to allow staying out?" "It's okay because I know it well. I know what's going on."

Kang Su-ji took over the phone again and asked, "Can I sleep alone?" and Kim Gook-jin exploded sweetness and envied the youth, saying, "What should I do, I should barely sleep even if it's hard."

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