Will Seeya's complete comeback fail? Nam Gyu-ri's "Current agency out"
Will Seeya's complete comeback fail? Nam Gyu-ri's "Current agency out"
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Photo = JTBC'Sugar Man 3'broadcast capture
Photo = JTBC'Sugar Man 3'broadcast capture

Will group Seeya's complete comeback be destroyed?

On the 24th, Exsports News reported that Seeya, consisting of Nam Gyu-ri, Kim Yeon-ji, and Lee Bo-ram, had no reunion and project album activity.

Seeya debuted with her 1st album'Scent of a Woman' in 2006, and gained a lot of love with hit songs such as'Greetings of Love' and'Song of Crazy Love', establishing itself as a representative female ballad group. However, in 2010, when Nam Gyu-ri ended his contract with the agency at the time, the last album activity was disbanded in January 2011.

However, Seeya appeared on JTBC's Two You Project Sugar Man 3 (hereinafter referred to as'Sugar Man') in February, raising the possibility of a complete comeback.

In the broadcast at the time, the members of Seeya showed tears while mentioning the misunderstandings accumulated so far. Nam Gyu-ri recalled that time, "The best option I could make was to leave the team." Lee Bo-ram said, "I truly believed in misunderstandings. I was worried that my older sister would think wrong, but I am grateful that I have endured the hard times well and stayed alive."

Seeya showed off her rust-free skills by decorating the stage with hit songs medley such as'Scent of a Woman','Shall I Marry', and'Shoes'. Seeya's songs proved their popularity by running backwards on the music site after the broadcast. In particular,'Love Greetings' entered the 10th place on the popular chart of SBS'Inkigayo' the first week of March.

Since then, the public has demanded a'reunion' of Seeya. In celebration of their 14th anniversary on March 12, Seeya members also directly authenticated fans' subway advertisement gifts, and held a celebration party to show off their strong appearance. In March, he announced, "I decided to make a complete comeback through the project album within this year, thanks to the support of the fans," and announced a comeback in April and May.

Nam Gyu-ri said, "It's not like a project in progress. It's a project that was undertaken by the former agency, but the agency has left." Kim Yeon-ji and Lee Bo-ram also said, "We need to check inside."

Nam Gyu-ri is walking independently after the exclusive contract with the former management company Nanda Kinda ended in early November. He is currently appearing on MBC'Kairos'. Boram Lee and Yeonji Kim are communicating with fans through the YouTube channel.

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