So-won Ham, even love counseling?...
So-won Ham, even love counseling?...
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Photo = Ham Sowon Instagram
Photo = Ham Sowon Instagram

Ham So-won advised a female fan's love affair.

On the afternoon of the 15th, Ham So-won wrote on Instagram on the afternoon of the 15th, "Everyone. I only do diet and skin consultation. But I think I'm comfortable. Please feel free to contact me." In the meantime, the contents of the direct message (DM) shared with a fan were revealed.

This female fan said to Sowon Ham, "My sister. My five-year relationship has ended. I feel like I'm dating because of my relationship. I really want to die. The meaning of life has disappeared. I can't do anything and I don't go over water, let alone food. I want to die. I really want to die."

Ham So-won said, "Don't mind the man who left without looking back. You just need to be a good woman that the man who left will regret painfully. Make missing me the biggest mistake in your life. There are many men in the world and where are my ties? Wait and see. I live somewhere well. "Come to me, I'll prepare to be your person before. I'll be a really good woman. Be a good man, pray and wait for me to come."

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