'Sailor Moon' starring Kubodera Akira found dead at home...
'Sailor Moon' starring Kubodera Akira found dead at home...
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Japanese actor Akira Kubodera has passed away. 43 years old.

According to revenge reports from Japanese media on the 14th, Kubodera Akira was found dead at her home in Tokyo on the 13th.

On this day, the agency Hirata Office said, “Actor Kubodera Akira died on November 13th yesterday. 43 years old. It is so sudden that the family and employees are still unable to accept the reality.”

He then said, “We are currently conducting an investigation and confirming the detailed situation.” He said, "Thank you very much in my life for the deceased, and sincerely wish you good luck."

After his debut as a theater actor in 1999, Kubodera Akira has appeared in numerous works such as'Sailor Moon' live-action drama and'Masked Rider'. He was scheduled to appear in a play that will be performed on the 26th.

Recently, the successive suicide deaths of Japanese actors have emerged as a social problem in Japan. Haruma Miura died in mid-July, and Maria Hamasaki, 23, who appeared on an internet reality program in August, died. At the end of September, top actor Yuko Takeuchi made an extreme choice. In the midst of this, the death case in the entertainment industry has occurred again, and fans' mourning continues.

Below is the full text of the agency Hitara's office.

Dear fans and officials

I would like to report to the fans who have always supported me, and to the people who are taking care of them.

On November 13, yesterday, actor Akira Kubodera (aged 43) died. It's so sudden that neither the family nor the staff have yet accepted the reality.

The detailed situation is currently being investigated and confirmed. We sincerely ask the media to take care of your family's deep sorrow and refrain from covering news.

Thank you for your love in life for the deceased, and sincerely wish you blessedness.

[News Inside Reporter Jeong Yong-in news@newsinside.kr]

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