Dr. Eun-young Oh "My mother like gold"
Dr. Eun-young Oh "My mother like gold"
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Eunyoung Oh-Aera Shin/Photo=Channel A broadcast capture

Dr. Eun-Young Oh explained about ADHD.

In the broadcast on the 18th, "My Newborn Child Raising Nowadays," Dr. Eun-Young Oh explained, "ADHD children are difficult to control and control, so conflicts with parents and people around them may arise.

For example, a child with ADHD, for example, takes an elevator and sees a fat person and says,'You're fat.'

Dr. Oh said, "When these children hear these words, they know that the other person will feel bad, but they say they have weak control power," he said, creating regret.

Jung Hyung-don said, "I can't stand it," he said, and was sad.

Hong Hyun-hee, who listened to Dr. Eun-young Oh's example, was surprised, saying, "I met this guy on the first floor today!"

Then, pointing his finger at the screen, he said, "You must watch this broadcast today," and laughed in anger.

[News Inside Reporter Park Yoojin news@newsinside.kr]

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