'On and Off' Soo-Hyun Soo-Hyun reveals the secret of her body age in her 20s.
'On and Off' Soo-Hyun Soo-Hyun reveals the secret of her body age in her 20s.
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Soo-Hyun Soo / Photo = tvN'On and Off' broadcast capture
Soo-Hyun Soo / Photo = tvN'On and Off' broadcast capture

On tvN'On and Off', actor Soo-Hyun's full OFF caught the attention. In addition, the special ON of 79-year-old friends Seong Si-kyung and Kim Dong-wan and the life of Kim Min-ah, a broadcaster, were revealed.

On the 19th broadcast, the 21st year actor Soo-Hyun's OFF was interesting. Soo-hyun Soo-hyeon, who opened the day with the audio book of the monk Beopjeong, attracted attention as a clean house like a model house. After finishing a meal while listening to an audio book, Soo-Hyun Soo-hyun showed off her hairy charm by applying a rough lotion to her face before going to exercise, making the studio smile again.

So far, he was surprised by the fact that he was in his twenties, who lightly finished high-difficulty exercise at the gym thanks to his constant physical fitness. After finishing fitting the drama costume, he returned home and prepared dinner. While watching the cooking video, Soo Hyeon gave a smile by pressing the SKIP button without hesitation because it was 1.5 times faster than the cooking video. After finishing the super-speed dinner with an urgent personality, he made a video call with a friend living in Bali and frankly confessed his feelings about work and marriage.

Next, a collaboration cooking broadcast between'Prince Butter' Seong Si-kyung and'Prince Honey' Kim Dong-wan spread. Seong Si-kyung started shooting as a surprise chef for Kim Dong-wan, who became the new MC of EBS'Best Cooking Secret'. Seong Si-kyung, who visited EBS for filming, performed a joint performance with the original first president, Tuk-Tok, and expressed expectations for his first chef challenge.

Seong Si-kyung, who was full of space, showed nervousness before the full-scale recording. After checking the recipe several times and making a nervous expression, Kim Dong-wan sharpened a knife and prepared ingredients for his best friend, creating warmth. Greening began, and Seong Si-kyung, after adjusting, skillfully cooked abalone intestine butter rice and pork tofu stew. Not only that, he also boasted of his unique talk, and Kim Dong-wan also showed off his 20-year-old friendship by helping him while struggling with Sung Si-kyung. Viewers also responded hotly to the delightful chemistry of'Honey Butter'.

Lastly, Minah Kim's wise'Zipcock' life continued. Kim Min-ah, who has been showing off his professional housework for a while, also showed a wealth of zipcock activities on this day. Minah Kim, who was excited by singing songs alone in a karaoke room in the corner of the room, started exercising with the goal of becoming an Apple Hip. Using newly-acquired exercise equipment such as dumbbells, yoga mats, and foam rollers, I added fun by watching the memories of'Isora Diet Video' and doing hellish home training.

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