'What do you do if you play' Eom Jung-hwa x Jeong Jae-hyung 20 years old friendship...
'What do you do if you play' Eom Jung-hwa x Jeong Jae-hyung 20 years old friendship...
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Photo = MBC'What are you doing when you play' broadcast capture
Photo = MBC'What are you doing when you play' broadcast capture

While all-around entertainer Eom Jung-hwa showed stronger teamwork with the members of the'Refund Expedition', he is also showing off his Tikitaka chemistry with the new manager and raising expectations for the'Refund Expedition' activity that will continue.

In MBC's'What do you do if you play?' broadcasted on the 19th, Um Jung-hwa talked openly with the members of the'Refund Expedition' at'Manok House' following last week, and the figure was drawn to show more deep teamwork. In addition, Kim Jong-min and Jung Jae-hyung, who are proud of a deep relationship with Eom Jung-hwa, appeared as managers, showing a different chemistry with them, giving a big smile to the home theater.

Eom Jung-hwa invited members of the'Refund Expedition' to his home and created a place to promote friendship. Members of the'Refund Expedition' having dinner meetings at'Manok House' began to talk comfortably on a variety of topics from work to personal interests while eating a meal carefully prepared by Eom Jung-Hwa, becoming closer and deeper in the conversation going back and forth. Showed. In particular, Eom Jung-hwa showed warmth as a warm eldest sister who listened to any stories by carefully taking food and desserts to eat for her younger siblings while having fun talking with the members.

The members of the'Refund Expedition' who finished their purchase sat around in the living room together and had a time for a truth game to learn more about each other. Eom Jung-hwa showed excitement at the words of his younger siblings to play a'truth game' using a lie detector game machine. When Eom Jung-hwa's turn came back after going through the members, Hwasa asked the nasty question, “There is a hidden man,” and Eom Jung-hwa did not panic and replied calmly, “No”. However, it was soon turned out to be a lie, and a strong electric shock followed, and Um Jung-hwa showed a screaming dolphin screaming and bouncing off the floor, making a big laugh at the scene.

Then, the members of the'Refund Expedition' were drawn to meet the new manager. The manager wanted by the members was'So Ji-seop', and when Yoo Jae-seok called'Ji-seop', Um Jung-hwa looked back with a fluttering expression, showing a big disappointment at the appearance of Kim Jong-min and laughter. Subsequently, as the second manager of the'Refund Expedition', Jung Jae-hyung, who is a 20-year keeper of Eom Jung-hwa, appeared, and Jung-hwa Um immediately shouted "I want to go" and "I will treat you coldly." I will revenge for what I've suffered in the meantime.” He announced the beginning of Chinchin Chemie.

Even in the midst of struggling, Eom Jung-hwa and Jung Jae-hyung showed tears together recalling the time when Eom Jeong-hwa's thyroid cancer struggled, and expressed the strong friendship of the 20-year-olds and impressed viewers. In this way, Eom Jung-hwa carefully took care of his juniors and showed her affectionate eldest sister, and at the same time, she was struggling with her 20-year-old friend, but she even foretold her best friend chemistry by thinking for each other sincerely.

Eom Jung-hwa, who shows a fantasy chemistry no matter who he is with, is paying attention to what kind of new fantasy chemistry he will show with Kim Jong-min and Jung Jae-hyung, who appeared as managers, including members of the'Refund Expedition'.

Meanwhile,'What do you do if you play?', which is attracting attention with the appearance of Eom Jung-hwa, is broadcast on MBC at 6:30 pm every Saturday.

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