'Oh! Samgwang Villa' first room '23.3%' started...
'Oh! Samgwang Villa' first room '23.3%' started...
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Photo = KBS2'Oh! Samkwang Villa' broadcast capture
Photo = KBS2'Oh! Samkwang Villa' broadcast capture

'Five! Samkwang Villa!' settled in the home theater on the weekend with a lot of fun. The viewership rate recorded 23.3%, and it took a successful first step with a higher number than the first broadcast of'I went once'. (Provided by Nielsen Korea, based on national households)

On the 19th, KBS2's new weekend drama'Oh! Samgwang Villa!' (playwriter Yoon Gyeong-ah, director Hong Seok-gu, production production H, Monster Union)'s sweet mother Lee Soon-jeong (Jeon In-hwa) and Lee Bit Chae-woon (Jin Ki-ju) dreaming of escaping the Samgwang Villa opened the door. Among them, the first dizzying encounter between Bit Chae-woon and Woo Jae-hee (Lee Jang-woo) marked the start of the excitement of a deliciously lame romance.

Bit Chae-woon, who is challenging for the third time in the same contest, has been filled with hope of'Samkwang Villa Escape' ahead of a long and elaborate portfolio submission. This is because if you win the first prize in the contest, you will be given the opportunity to study in New York. Soon-jeong, who finished seeing off with strong support while blowing petals of good fortune, found the word ``escape'' written on the back of the D-day memo while organizing the messy room, and while cheering, she could not hide her regret.

Still, she was happy. This is because the birthday party for the whole family is held only once a year. “My 56th, my eldest child 27, the second 24th, the youngest 22, our birthdays are all the same,” said a woman in question on the way back home comfortably after releasing TMI to a bakery clerk. Referencing the past of working in a nursery school in the past, “How are the kids? Among them, one of them stole Ande too.” Soonjeong was embarrassed. From the first broadcast, the existence of the secret surrounding the Samgwang Villa family was revealed, and it was a topic that stimulated the interest of viewers.

After the day's work, they gathered one by one to Samkwang Villa, and the birthday party began. Soonjeong and Samgwang Villa's three siblings, Bit Chae-woon, Lee Hae-don (Bona), Lee Ra-hoon (Ryeo-woon), and Sun-jeong's younger brother Lee Man-jeong (Kim Sun-young), and her enlightening uncle Kim Hung-se (In Gyo-jin), warm up the home theater with a blissful time Dyed. However, after leaving the happy birthday party behind, light Chae-woon, who secretly contacts the adoption center, was spotted by Manjung's radar. Manjung-eun said, “I don’t know you, are you looking for your birth parents so eagerly? That's why I told you not to reap the black-haired beast,” and stimulated the guilt of Light Chae-un. The nephew, who is overwhelmed by this, said, “I'm going to go too? He stopped Manjeong's runaway, saying, “It was my aunt's apartment blown”. The conflict exploded from the first episode, completing an exciting development.

Furthermore, at the end of the broadcast, light Chae-woon, who visited the adoption center with a complicated heart at the news of her mother's appearance, and Sun-jeong, who is choosing clothes for her daughter with a happy expression in the world, added regret. In addition, a scene where LX Fashion CEO Kim Jeong-won (Hwang Shin-hye), who visited the nursery for sponsorship issues, was drawn to the story surrounding the three people by adding a scene where the eyes were taken away by the light Chae-woon who passed by at the entrance.

Meanwhile, on this day's broadcast, the first dizzying meeting between Bit Chae-woon and Jae-hee was drawn. Chaewoon Bit, an interior installer who stopped by the construction site, stopped the wall construction by pointing out the design drawings, and Jaehee, the representative of the architectural office, said to do the interior work properly and disregarded her opinion. Chae-woon, a hot light, grabbed his hem and dragged him, and the gap between the two was only 10cm, and the first meeting of a variety of snarling and sudden heartbeats started the romance.

Eventually, as Bit Chaewoon's warning, the pipe burst and the site became a sea of water. When everyone was right and left, the moment Bit Chae-woon calmly arranged the situation on the ladder and tried to leave the girl crush nicely, and his feet slipped. Jae-hee instinctively took her and collapsed together, ending with a head blow. By leaving a strong first impression on each other, we added anticipation to the romance that will unfold in the future.

'Oh! Samkwang Villa!' filled the weekend home theater with the chubby fun that the production crew and actors announced in unison. In particular, the special story of the three brothers and sisters in Samgwang Villa, revealed from the first broadcast, and the secret of the mother's innocence were revealed in the rapid development, and viewers could not take their eyes off for a moment. In response, “there was a lot of fun without a break to breathe because it burst here and there”, “A desirable rapid development that reveals the case from the first broadcast, we cheer”, “All the actors are like those characters. There was an enthusiastic response, such as "The acting is crazy". KBS2'Oh! Samkwang Villa!' Episode 2 will be broadcast at 7:55 pm on the 20th.

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