'Knowing Brother' Ki-Hoon Ki-Hoon, glutton'Eat Bu-Shim'
'Knowing Brother' Ki-Hoon Ki-Hoon, glutton'Eat Bu-Shim'
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Ki-hoon Ki-Kang Ho-dong/ Photo=
Ki-hoon Ki-Kang Ho-dong/ Photo = JTBC'Knowing Brother' capture

Ki-Hoon Ki-Hoon revealed his taste for glutton.

On the night of the 19th, JTBC'Knowing Brother' appeared as transfer students from Oh Yoon-ah-Ki-Hoon and Lee Sang-i-Lee Cho-hee, who appeared in KBS2'I've Goed Once'.

Kang Ho-dong looked at Ki-Hoon and said, “Because I see that my shoulders are just wide open, I think it’s a style that goes to flesh as I eat. Looking at it, it was a glutton.”

Ki-hoon said, “I really like to eat. “I feel proud of what I eat.” “Before I entered this work, I weighed up to 110 kg and lost it to 77 kg. I wanted to show a good visual, so I took out a lot.”

According to Ki-hoon's portal profile, it is 186cm and 69kg.

Ki-hoon said, “All the elderly in the family go to eat and are tall. “My aunt is over 180cm tall,” he said. “I live for the people in my family to eat. When I was in elementary school, when seasonal food came out, I left school early and went home to eat.”

On the other hand, the couple Oh Yoon-ah and Ki Ki-hoon were set to be 9 years old in'Handada'. Yuna Oh said, "I'm actually fifteen years old," and "I was uncomfortable while acting."

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