'Superman is back' Will Bengers vs. Sam Hammington,'The King of the End of Water Play'
'Superman is back' Will Bengers vs. Sam Hammington,'The King of the End of Water Play'
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Photo = KBS2'Superman is back'
Will Bengers / Photo = KBS2'Superman is back'

'The Return of Superman' Will Bengers shows what the end plate king of swimming is.

Episode 344 of KBS 2TV's'The Return of Superman' (hereinafter'Shudoll'), which airs on August 23, comes to viewers under the subtitle of'Improve happiness'. Among them, the William-Bentley brothers of Will Bengers enjoy playing in the hot water. The appearance of children playing happily like fish in water is expected to give great pleasure to Aunt Lanson and uncles.

The released photo shows Will Bengers who looks absolutely happy in the water. Like the brothers who liked water from a younger age than now, the children playing in the water and smiling wide are lovely. Then, William and Bentley, who are making a meal, are caught, raising expectations.

On this day, Sam's dad prepared a swimming pool where three people could play for Will Bengers, who loves to play in the water. Along with this, Sam's dad perfectly packed water toys such as tubes and water guns to show him the ultimate king of water play. The kids who were excited about playing in the water also fought a two-on-one water gun war with Sam's dad. Their confrontation arouses the curiosity that they are fierce enough to make those who watch on the scene cool.

In addition, Sam's dad and Will Bengers recharged their stamina from playing in the water with fruit and ramen food. At this time, Bentley is said to have triggered laughter with a magical eating room that'sounds' the ramen he picked up more than his mouth.

Bentley's performance did not stop here. Bentley, who owned a fruit basket alone while his dad and brother applied sunscreen, said that he went out to eat watermelon alone without his father's help or tools. How did 4-year-old Bentley be able to eat watermelon by herself? 'Mooktley' that surprised everyone on the scene can be seen on the main broadcast of'Shudol'.

On the other hand, KBS 2TV'Superman is Back' Episode 344, which allows you to break the heat with Will Venus and enjoy a cool water play, will be broadcast on Sunday, the 23rd at 9:15 pm.

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