'I'm Alone' Park Na-rae, first nephew.. Kwak Do-won, Jeju'Mureung Do-won'.. A warm healing life
'I'm Alone' Park Na-rae, first nephew.. Kwak Do-won, Jeju'Mureung Do-won'.. A warm healing life
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Photo = MBC'I Live Alone' video capture
Photo = MBC'I live alone' video capture

Park Na-rae and Kwak Do-won delivered warm healing through different daily routines.

MBC's'I Live Alone' broadcast on the 21st captured the viewers' hearts on Friday night, recording an audience rating of 8.2% for the first part and 9.7% for the second part (based on the Nielsen Korea metropolitan area).

The 2049 viewership rating, which is a key indicator of advertisers and a key indicator of channel competitiveness, is 7.2% for the first part and 7.9% for the second part (based on Nielsen Korea's metropolitan area), which recorded the highest number in all programs broadcast on Friday, and the reputation of the strongest in entertainment. Proved.

In addition, the digital spin-off'Women's Secret Party-Yeeunpa', which aired immediately after the main broadcast, took first place in the same-time rating for 7 consecutive weeks despite the late-night time, and snipered the home theater with a different fun.

On the broadcast yesterday (21st), a special day was drawn between Park Na-rae, who greeted their first nephew, and Kwak Do-won enjoying the atmosphere of'Mureungdowon' in Jeju Island.

First, Park Na-rae, who became a preliminary aunt in the 10th week, visited her younger brother's honeymoon for the first time. Despite the ebb and flow of a reunion, the younger brother's face'tuning' was revealed to the inside, creating a joyful feeling. After that, he brought cream, iron, and folic acid with both hands and presented it to the pregnant woman Olke, demonstrating his sense of sense.

Park Na-rae started preparing a summer meal for her nephew and oleke with a pot, flounder, and beef from Seoul. While cooking with her passionate younger sibling showing off her breath, she got sweat from the boiling pot. However, with the skill of ‘Park Jang-geum’, he completed the mineotang, the seaweed pan, and even the steak cooked rice, and presented the splendor of the Park Siblings.

After the meal, the three had time to watch a wedding video for a trip to memories. In the video, Narae Park released the black history of holding a trance dance party with fellow comedians and pressed the laugh button. As a result, the three people who remembered the memories constantly burst into laughter and spent a time full of happiness, conveying warm energy intact.

On the other hand, Kwak Do-won continued to live a free Jeju Island single life following last week. He showed off the recipe for'real man' with unstoppable cutting and great hands, and he mobilized large-capacity garland chrysanthemums and toots, and completed an 8-chamber table of'Dowon Pyo'. After that, they take a bowl of rice soup and put rice as big as a fist into their mouth, showing off the new side of the'Mokbang Power'. After a meal with constant chopsticks, he said, "Fried eggs are the most delicious?" and left an unexpected laugh.

He then challenged surfing to fully enjoy the sea of Jeju, and said that despite having a water phobia, he even obtained a skin scuba license for the role, as if overcoming his phobia, he wandered through the water freely and was admired. However, surfing continued to fail due to the gentle waves, and eventually, water leaked into the face due to the small snorkeling mask.

After returning home, he began mowing to clean up the grass that had grown to the waist in the vast backyard. After working tirelessly, he began to make chairs and showed off his wildness with unstoppable sawing and drilling, taking advantage of the pits of the past when he was making stage sets. He then went through the rough grass and visited the'Sunset Myeongdang', sitting on a chair and enjoying the sunset, delivering emotional healing to the home theater.

Like this, the daily life of Park Na-rae, who spent a special time with her family saying'I live alone', and Kwak Do-won, who spend free time enjoying the scenery of Jeju Island, captivated Friday night. In particular, Park Na-rae's aspect of taking care of her family gave her warmth to the home theater by saying, “I always appreciate the delicate and sensible parts.”

Kwak Do-won, who had a busy day without sweat dripping, left a sentimental review saying, “The sunset is like a gift from the sky every day.” He enjoyed hobbies with his neighbors and gave a deep lingering feeling to his daily life that he cultivated generously for himself.

[News Inside reporter Taeyoung Kim news@newsinside.kr]

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