'Pyeon Restaurant' Hangam, Hanok Mansion + Innate Cooking DNA'Chado Girl's Actor's Reversal'
'Pyeon Restaurant' Hangam, Hanok Mansion + Innate Cooking DNA'Chado Girl's Actor's Reversal'
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Photo = KBS2'New Release Edition' broadcast capture
Handagam/Photo = KBS2'New Release Edition' broadcast capture

Handagam first appeared in the'New Release Edition'.

In KBS 2TV's'New Release Edition' (hereinafter referred to as'Edition Restaurant'), which aired on August 21, actor Handagam first appeared as a NEW edited chef. Hana-gam, a 22-year-old actor and a representative cha-do-naughter actor, was married in January 2020 and is currently 7 months old. On this day, Handagam boasted of the family's innate cooking DNA, from a large 1,000-pyeong hanok mansion with a sparkling eye, to his parents and himself.

On this day, Handagam awakened in a quietly located hanok on the open yard. All the members of the'Pyeon Restaurant' said, “It's like a hanok hotel,” and the 100% unfamiliar Handagam turned to the sink. Handagam, who boasted an innocent beauty that was incredibly innocent to the fact that he was naked, surprised everyone after completing an incredibly simple skincare that he was an actress.

Following this, Handagam headed to the yard to play with the dogs he owns. Admiring the relaxed appearance of the dogs running freely in the large yard was a moment that made them suspicious of their eyes. Another hanok was located. Upon entering the room, the interior that feels antique and modern at the same time stands out. It turns out that this is the house where Hangam's parents live.

The most surprising thing on this day was the cooking skills of Hangam's father. For her daughter who came home after a long time after marriage, Handagam's father prepared a healthy meal such as butterbur, with various organic vegetables grown by himself. From the hand of preparing the ingredients, I was able to guess the cooking skills of Hangam's father. All the members of the'Pyeon Restaurant' admired, "A real master has appeared." Chef Lee Yeon-bok was also surprised, saying, "My father is like a chef." In fact, Handagam's father was a skilled man with several cooking certificates.

Handagam also began to demonstrate his cooking skills next to his father. Starting with cuttlefish scouring, to soybean paste stew stewed with house miso. Handagam was cooked easily and easily. The father next to him went to the garden garden whenever his daughter needed something, and gave himself a culinary aid for the daughter.

The family gathered at the table like that and continued the meal while having a conversation about Doran Do. The topic of conversation is the marriage of Handagam. The father of Hangam, an idiot, said, "I was sad," recalling when the daughter was married. In fact, Handagam's father was shocked by his daughter's declaration of marriage. Nevertheless, it is said that she showed infinite love for her daughter, such as attaching more than 100 blue lanterns in the yard for her married daughter.

Handagam, which appeared for the first time on this day, has revealed everything from a 1,000-pyeong hanok mansion to a naked face and cooking DNA that everyone in the family resembles. I didn't know that Hana Gam, a representative Chado girl actor, would be so good at cooking. Also, Hanagam's father's cooking skills and love for his daughter were amazed. We look forward to seeing what kind of activity the new edition chef Hagaam, who has captured the attention from the first appearance, will unfold in the 14th menu confrontation of'Pyeon Restaurant' with the theme of'Generation Connection'.

Meanwhile, KBS 2TV'New Release Edition' is broadcast every Friday at 9:40 pm.

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