'Refund Expedition' 4 first meeting photos revealed "Who is the leader among Lee Hyori-Jesi-Um Jeong-hwa-Hwasa?"
'Refund Expedition' 4 first meeting photos revealed "Who is the leader among Lee Hyori-Jesi-Um Jeong-hwa-Hwasa?"
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Refund Expedition/Photo = MBC Homepage Capture

The photos of the members of the Refund Expedition were released.

Recently, the picture is posted on the MBC website.

The scene of their meeting will be revealed on MBC'What do you do if you play?' (Director Kim Tae-ho, Kim Yoon-jip, Jang Woo-sung Wang Jong-seok), which airs on the 22nd.

The first meeting of the'Refund Expedition' of the four older sisters, who have counted Eom Jung-hwa, Lee Hyo-ri, Jesse, and Hwasa, is drawing hot expectations from viewers.

The Refund Expedition, which started with a word from Sakthree member Linda G (Lee Hyo-ri) who swept the summer of 2020, held their first meeting on the 31st of last month.

The four people representing each generation from the 1990s to the 2020s and proudly creating their own world exude a strong force in the public photos.

The members of the'Refund Expedition' radiating an intense aura under the'REFUND' neon sign that glows clearly are role models and special seniors and juniors to each other.

Even in an awkward atmosphere, the four did not shake and showed off their charms.

In particular, Linda G welcomed the members who accepted her proposal with a strong sense and talk, and Junghwa Um, the Madonna of Korea, exudes the presence of her big sister with one'Queen'-like elegance and charismatic eyes, and'She only likes to present'. “Can I take it off? Can I take it off?” he said, saying that the uncontrollable high tension made everyone in the field bewildered.

Linda G is also planning to unveil the new work of'Sprinkling Lobster' by the youngest Hwasa of the'Polite Food Queen' that surprised.

In particular, the members had time to get to know each other by sharing their thoughts on the actual'refund' and honest stories about'love'. The leader who will lead the'Refund Expedition' has also been confirmed, but in the process, unexpected difficulties (?) are foretold, raising questions.

The scene of the first meeting of the members of the'Refundation Expedition', which exudes extraordinary energy from the start, can be confirmed through'What do you do if you play?', which is broadcast on the 22nd.

[News Inside Reporter Park Yoojin news@newsinside.kr]

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