Summer 2019 K-pop Group Debuts…X1·Fanatics·Rocket Punch·D1CE
Summer 2019 K-pop Group Debuts…X1·Fanatics·Rocket Punch·D1CE
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group X1/Photo swing entertainment
group X1/Photo swing entertainment

Currently the South Korea is in middle of the hot summer heat. t is only fair to list some of the cool debuts to refresh viewers and listeners. The rookies are giving it their all to survive in the competitive K-pop industry


They debuted on June 3, 2019 with the single "Oh! My God". The group is signed under the label, LAentertainment. This girl group has 4 doll-like girls consisting of Yeri, Hana, Sua and Mimi. The song in itself has very soft vocals with a powerful bass that enhances the summer vibes. The girl groups’ choreography is daring, and it matches the heat of summer. 

Debuted in June 14th with their first single ‘Shine On Light’. The trio is signed under WD Entertainment. The group was originally a sextuplet but 3 of their members left before their debut. The debutants are Yujung, Jihye and Eunji. ‘Shine on light’ vocals and choreography are energetic, cute, like the girl’s visuals. There are dance breaks and a catchy chorus; the refreshing sounds will blow the summer heat off.  

BZ boys/청공소년
A four-member boy group, that debuted in June 17th with their single ‘Questions’ under Chrome Entertainment. They have an instrumental version and a dance version in their ‘Blue Zone’ EP. The group BZ boys stands for Blue zone boys. Its members are Bon, the leader and main vocalist of the group, Double.D with the position of rapper, Seung Hyun the maknae, Tae Woong also a rapper. In the video they embody the cute, nice sweet image boyfriends. Through the dance music they confess their feelings and want to ‘ask a question’ to the girl they fell for. 

The group name means cheerfulness and full of vitality. They aim to bring an energetic image to their listeners. The quintuplet under BabaPlay is conformed of the leader Yoonji, ‘maknae’ Yeryung, Isol ‘main vocalist’, Jinhui ‘lead vocalist’, and the ‘visual’ Harin. They debuted on June 26th, with the single ‘Thirsty’; the song has an up-beat tempo and a dance-like rhythm with a mix of EDM. The video exhibits the well-rehearsed and creative choreography with various floral visuals, just like the members. The song ‘Thirsty’ is about a woman confessing her romantic feelings and her thirst for love. 

The group under Majesty Entertainment debuted on June 24th 2019 with the Mini Album Crystal Ball The group is composed of five members, Yeowool is the leader and main dancer, both Mini and La Yeon are in charge of the vocals, Yerim is in charge of dance while Seyeon is the rapper and maknae. Their name means "Purple," a small creek, "Beck," which means great. Their name means, a small beginning but will show great results. The girls are like a stream that gathers strength and forms into a powerful river. The Purplebeck first mini album consists of ‘Intro’, title song “Crystal Ball”, “Holiday” both with instrumental versions and ‘Autro’. The title track "Crystal Ball" is about their aspirations to achieve their dreams on their own without waiting for help and "Holiday," which calls for enjoying the fun before the end of the sweet holidays. The song Crystal ball is a cheerful song full of harmony that will make the heat go away. 

On June 27th 2019 the 4 member group debuted with their single ‘CC’ (씨씨). The group is signed under Upvote entertainment. Their name CC means, “Can I come in?” as in can they come into the heart of their fans. The members are, Won “the small head leader” and lead dancer, Haneul the “ice princess” and lead rapper, Sunghyun “the infinite charm man” and JL the “cute maknae”. Their video is cute, charming and quirky. It goes perfectly with the song and dance, a mellow track that calms you while giving you positive energy.


The four-member group made up of JMVOK (Jang Moon-bok), Raychan (Lee Hui-chan), A.M (Seong Hyun-woo) and Yoon Hee-seok. They debuted on July 9th, 2019 under ONO Entertainment. Moonbok appeared in ‘Superstar K2’ and in Produce 101 season 2 along with Hee-seok and Hyun-Woo. Hui-chan participated in MIXNINE. Their name ‘Limitless’ means that there are unlimited possibilities. The group released their single “dream play”. The single is a metaphor for their dream starting now that they have debuted as well as to all of the members' dreams and fantasies. The song has a rhythmic beat and dance genre, through the video it makes you fall deep into a fantasy of exciting dreams. 

CIX or ‘Complete In X’ is a five-member boy band by C9 Entertainment. They debuted on July 23rd, 2019, with their EP album Hello Chapter 1 “Hello, Stranger.” The album contains 5 songs, ‘What you wanted’, the title track ‘Movie Star’, ‘Like it that way’ ‘Imagine’ ‘The One’. The group is composed of 5 members Lee Byoung-gon, Kim Seung-hun, Kim Yong-hee, Bae Jin-young and Yoon Hyun-suk. Previous to their debut, they had a Vlive show called ‘HELLO CIX’. Which helped furnish the expectations for their debut. The title track ‘Movie Star’ has a flirtatious groove, the video further aids the cool visuals through the use of an almost futuristic location, use of colors as well as the great energetic choreography. The song talks about a girl that is like a movie star to which the attention in the room always falls to. 


On August 6th Fanatics debuted with their first mini album ‘The Six’. The-six-member girl group is signed under Label Fententertainment. The members are Sika, the leader and former trainee in Japan. She is half Japanese and half Chinese with incredible talents. Chaelin is the lead dancer and a former contestant of produce 101 season 1.  Doah, the maknae, participated in Produce48 she is the lead rapper, vocalist and dancer. She is as beautiful as she is talented. Chiayi is Taiwanese and is the main dancer, Yoonhye is also is the lead dancer and the leader for the subunit ‘Flavor’. Doi is the lead vocalist with a beautiful smile. Their mini album is composed of 4 songs the title track ‘Sunday’ , 지금 이 순간을 (remember), follow me and the Chinese version of ‘Milkshake’. The title track ‘Sunday’ is a catchy song with great rhythm and high-pitched vocals with a tropical sound, in which the girls wish every day was Sunday. The name Fanatic means someone with extreme passion, because they aim to make their listeners become their ‘fanatics’. 

Rocket Punch/로켓펀치
The six-member-group debuted on August 7th with their mini album ‘Pink Punch’. The mini album has 6 tracks named ‘Pink Punch’, the title track ‘Bim Bam Bum’, ‘Love is Over’, ‘Lucid Dream’, ‘Favorite’ and ‘Do something’. The members are Juri which debuted in Japan with AKB48 and was also part of “Produce 48”, Yeonhee, Suyun also participant in “Produce 48”, Dahyun, Sohee another participant of “Produce 48”, and Yunkyoung. The six girls are signed under Woollim Entertainment. Rocket Punch means to give the listeners “a fresh shot of punch into a simple daily life," where the group tries to bring bright energy to the listeners' daily lives. The song "BIM BAM BUM” does exactly that, with a vibrant use of colors and sounds they are able to cheer up and create a new happier place. 

On August 1st the five-member boy group debuted with their first mini album called “Wake up: Roll the World”. The album is made up of the ‘Intro: Roll the world’, title song ‘Wake up’, ‘Dot’, ‘Hands up’, ‘놀라워’ (‘Amazing’) and ‘U R’. The members´leader is Jo Yong-geun, who is in charge of dance. He appeared in MIXNINE and Produce 101. Kim Hyun-soo, who is in charge of vocals also appeared in MIXNINE. Jung Yoon-jun is also in charge of vocals and was part of Boys24, Park Woo-dam the third member in charge of vocals also appeared in Produce 101. Woo Jin-young is the rapper and maknae of the group. He was a participant in Produce 101, MIXNINE and ‘Show Me The Money’. All of them were part of the H Next boys project in 2017, a project group by their company Happy Face Entertainment. The name D1nce, pronounce d-once, was chosen by their fans. The title song ‘Wake up’ and MV has powerful and manly vibes. They are so cool; they will rescue their listeners of this overbearing summer. 

X1 (produce 101)/엑스원 
X1 is a group formed through the competition Produce X101 by Mnet where 101 trainees from different companies compete for a sport in the 11-member group. The 11 survivors are the 11th member Lee Eun-sang is a trainee at Brand New Music. 10th Kang Min-hee is a trainee under Starship Entertainment. 9th Cha Jun-ho is a trainee signed with Woollim Entertainment. 8th Nam Do-hyun is a trainee with MBK Entertainment. 7th place Lee Hang-yul debuted in 2016 with IM. 6th place Son Dong-pyo is a trainee by DSP media. 5th place Cho Seung-youn debuted in 2016 with UNIQ. 4th place Song Hyeong-jun a trainee in Starship Entertainment. 3rd place Han Seung-woo debuted in 2016 with VICTION. 2nd Kim Woo-seok who debuted with UP10TION in 2015. 1st Kim Yohan a trainee from OUI Entertainment will be the center. Even though there has been controversy surrounding the legitimacy on voting results, X1 is set to debut in August 27th. After all their effort throughout the show they will be a fresh breeze with extreme cool looks this summer. 

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