Summer-Hot K-Dramas…‘Designated Survivor: 60 Days’·‘Hotel Del Luna’
Summer-Hot K-Dramas…‘Designated Survivor: 60 Days’·‘Hotel Del Luna’
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‘Hotel Del Luna’/Photo=tvN
‘Hotel Del Luna’/Photo=tvN

Introduce Summer-Hot K-Dramas.

Designated Survivor: 60 days (60일, 지정생존자)
Genre: Political Thriller

The new Netflix show was released on July 1st. In the new Korean re-make of Designated Survivor where Park Mu-Jin (Ji Jin-Hee) the Minister of Environment must act as president for 60 days after a terrorist attack kills the president. The new Netflix Show Designated Survivor: 60 days will surely be a hit. Watch it in Netflix or tvN Mondays and Tuesday at 9:30 P.M.

Justice (저스티스)
Genre: Social Thriller 
With the first airing in July 17th, this thriller deals with corruption, and love for money and thirst for power. The drama involves a lawyer Lee Tae Kyun (Choi Jin Hyuk) with amazing win-rates and a focus on money, which lost his altruistic reason of becoming a lawyer. The lawyer has been given his clients through Song Woo-Young (Son Hyun-Joo) a corrupt owner of a construction company. Woo Young has been able to furnish power through the minimal sentence or absolve of his clients. The drama will revolve around their involvement in a case on the serial disappearance of actresses. Watch it in KBS2 Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 P.M. (KST).

Watcher (왓쳐)
Genre: Psychological thriller 
Released on July 6th, this psychological thriller will capture you. Do Chi-Gwang (Han Suk-Kyu) an elite detective, Kim young-Koon (Seo Kang-Joon) a patrol police officer and a Han Tae-Joo (Kim Hyun-Joo) a lawyer join forces and become members of the internal affairs investigation team. These three characters’ lives were shattered after a murder 15 years prior, now they join forces to investigate it. You can watch it every Saturday and Sunday at 10:20 P.M. (KST) on OCN.

Hotel Del Luna (호텔 델루나)
Genre: Fantasy Drama
Airing since July 13th Hotel del Luna revolves around a hotel, with a run-down appearance. The CEO of the hotel is Jan Man-Wol (Lee Ji-Eun) who has a secret as to why she cannot leave the hotel. The CEO is as beautiful as she is greedy. An elite hotelier Koo Chan-Sung (Yeo Jin-Goo) with great qualifications but easy to manipulate ends up as the manager at the hotel. Watch this fantasy where the guests are ghosts, every Saturday and Sunday at 9:00 PM (KST).

Welcome 2 Life (웰컴2라이프)
Genre: Fantasy Drama

Will air on July 29th, Welcome 2 life tells a story of a self-centered lawyer named Lee Jae Sang (Rain). Through a car accident he is transported into a parallel universe. In this universe his counterpart is a prosecutor that abides by the law and is married to a loving Ra Shin On (Lim Ji Yeon), a girl who in his universe is a detective and they broke up 10 years ago. You can watch how this lawyer copes with the changes; there are 2 episodes every Monday and Tuesday at 10 P.M (KST) starting July 29th, 2019.

Doctor John (의사 요한)
Genre: Medical Drama 
To be premiered on Friday July 19th, Dr. John revolves around genius anesthesiologist Dr. Cha Yo-Han (Ji Sung) a presumptuous character but works hard to liberate his patients from chronic pain.  Top-of-the-class anesthesiology resident Kang Shi Young (Lee Se-Young) is gentle and smart doctor that helps Dr. Cha Yo-Han find the cause behind patients’ chronic pain. Watch this intriguing medical drama Friday and Saturday at 10 P.M through SBS.

Level Up (레벨업)
Genre: Romantic Comedy 
Released in July 10th it tells a romantic and comedic story set on Joybuster a game company. An Dan-Te (Sung Hoon) becomes the new CEO at Joybuster in an attempt to save it for bankrupt. An Dan-Te specializes in restructuring of companies and he is one of the bests. However, his perfectionist and cold personality makes him hard to approach. Due to the new CEOs problematic nature, the Chief Game Developer at Joybuster Shin Yeon-Hwa (Han Bo-Reum) doesn’t see eye to eye with An Dan-Te. Will they be able to savage the company with a sell-out game? Watch it through MBN or Dramax Wednesday & Thursdays 11 P.M. 

Search WWW (검색어를 입력하세요: WWW)
Genre: Romantic Drama
This drama follows the life of 3 working-women, and their ups and downs in life. One of them is Bae Ta Mi (Im Soo Jung) she is a director for an online company, on her late 30’s and successful due to her competitive spirit. She wonders if she has made too many personal sacrifices for her work life. She meets a composer in his 20s Park Mo Gun (Chang Ki-Yong) who falls in love with Ta-mi due to her competitive nature. The drama aired on June 5th and it is still airing. Its finale is due on July 25th. Watch “Search WWW” Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30P.M on TvN.  

I Wanna Hear Your Song (너의 노래를 들려줘)
Genre: Mystery Romantic Comedy
Will premier in August 5th, 2019. A job-seeking timpanist witnessed a murder but cannot recall what she saw. Song Yi-Young (Kim Se-Jeong), meets an orchestra pianist, Jang Yoon (Yeon Woo-Jin) who cannot sing. He helps her with her insomnia by singing her over the phone. Will she be able to remember and solve the murder? Watch the premier on August 5th at 10 P.M on KBS2. The airing times are Mondays and Tuesdays at 10 P.M through KBS2.

Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung (신입사관 구해령)
Genre: Historical Romantic Drama 
On air since July 17th, the drama revolves around Prince Yi Rim (Cha Eun-Woo) who lives confined inside his palace. However, he holds a secret, he is a lonely romance novel writer. He meets Goo Hae Ryung (Shin Se-Kyung) a worker at the palace as a soon-to-be historian, trying to fight against gender stereotypes in her field. She will try to be the first female historian and shake the rules on Joseon. She will show him a life outside his confined walls. The lonely prince is not as lonely anymore. Watch more through MBC on Wednesday and Thursdays at 9:00 P.M. 

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