Best Festivals to enjoy under the Korean summer
Best Festivals to enjoy under the Korean summer
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Photo=Water Bomb festival Seoul
Photo=Water Bomb festival Seoul

South Korea in the summer is not only hot but also fun. Korean summers are fun and exciting as many festivals take place. The festivals cover different interests and are happening all throughout the country. 

Water Bomb festival (Music Festival)
Not only do you get to play with water and cool down over the summer heat, but you get to listen to great artists and even have a water battle. The festival is perfect for summer and the tickets are almost sold out. This is a once in a year experience. Different artists will play depending on location and date. Locations and dates for the festival are Busan 07.13, Seoul 07.20-07.21, Incheon 08.10, Daejeon 08.15, Daegu 08.17, Gwangju 08.24.

Grand festival of the world’s martial artists (Sports Festival)
The festival will be held at Chungju City, Chungcheongbuk-do Province. The Opening Ceremony will be held on August 30th from 5:00 PM to 07:30 PM. The event will finish 7 days later, on September 6th from 7:00 to 8:30. Both events will be held at the Chungju Gymnasium. According to the World Martial Arts Memberships committee there will be cultural events hosted during this period. These events will range from performances and fringe festivals to exhibitions and activities where people can participate in the Korean culture and folklore. 

Hangang Summer Festival (Social Event)
The summer festival hold at the Han River in Seoul has a widespread range of programs all at different times of day from July 19th to August 18th. The events range from circus, films, concerts, traditional dances, among others. It is a festival for all ages, genres and cultural backgrounds.  Some of the events to enjoy in the Han River Park area are:
Shower Run where there will be 150 tons of water cannon and EDM music, from 2:00PM - 9:00PM on August 17th. 
Social Dance Festa on August 10th from 7pm to 10 PM. Participants can freely dance tango, swing or salsa in different locations across the Han river. 
Seoul Soldout on August 10th from 2PM to 4AM. A music festival in Nanji Hangang Park's Youth Square. Tickets must be purchased in advance. 

Yeoncheon DMZ International Music Festival (RE:BORN) (cultural festival)

This classical music festival is held to pray for world peace and tension-relief in the DMZ area. The festival will take place in July 20th and finishes September 21st. It consists of 9 different classical music concerts. The music varies from Piano, Cello, Violin, among others. Entrance is free for 8 of the concerts. The concerts could be held in either Herb Village Olive Hall, Yeoncheon Cultural & Sports Center or Yeoncheon Sureul Art Hall depending on the date. If you enjoy classical music, you should attend this event and let the festival bring calmness and peace. 

Boryeong Mud Festival (music/cultural festival)
The 22nd Boryeong Mud Festival will be held on July 19th to July 28th in Daecheon Beach, Chungcheongnam-do. Different programs and events will unfold, from a Street Parade, Mud run and a Mud Experience Zone to a K-pop concert and EDM performance. Depending on age, date and ticket type the event price ranges from ₩4,000 to ₩14,000. This event is a one of a kind experience in Korea. Going and having fun in the mud while listening to music and playing with friends sounds like the perfect activity for the summer. 

Bonghwa Sweetfish Festival (food festival)
Happening in the Bongwha county, the festival is held on July 27th to August 4th in the Naeseongcheon and Bonghwaeup Sports Park. With this festival you can experience catching sweetfish from the river. The festival also offers visitors to buy sweetfish at the Sweetfish Food Market learn more about them at the Freshwater Fish Exhibition, among other activities. Tickets must be bought to attend the event. 

Daegu Chimac festival (food/music festival)
The 2019 Daegu Chimac festival happening in Dalgubeol, Daegu from July 17th to 21st at Daegu’s Duryu Park celebrates one of the Korean staples ‘Chimaek’, which comes from the words ‘chicken’(chicken) and ‘maekju’ (beer). In this festival there will be beer (18+) provided and fried chicken to last all night. There are also artists and DJ’s lined up. The entry to the festival is free. Get ready to go to Daegu and enjoy a Korean staple food combination, the festival is from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. with different events lined up so make sure to check it out and celebrate the summer. 

Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival (music festival)
Happening in Friday August 9th until Sunday 11th, at the Songdo Moonlight Festival Park. The festival is a must for rock lovers. It features both Korean and international Rock bands and soloist. Every day there are different lineups. Tickets are still available. It is important that the participants know that during the festival only certain type of “currency” is allowed, KB Kookmin Card, LIIV Mate App or E-UM Card, so that you can enjoy to the fullest and enjoy the great music. 

Goesan Chili Pepper Festival (food festival)
Goesan County is the heart of Korean organic agriculture. During the harvest season they hold the chili pepper festival. Goesan is nationally famous for their red pepper cultivation. In this festival you will get to experience red pepper inspired events, for instance, red pepper exhibitions, contests on red pepper cutting and eating as well as other activities. The festival is a family friendly environment and a chance to learn about Goesan and its residents. The festival takes place in the Goesan County Office Plaza, the admission is free with food and some events being extra. The festival will happen from August 29th to September 1st

Hongcheon Beer Festival (food/music festival)
In this festival happening near Korea’s largest beer factory, in Hongcheon you will be able to learn about the process of making beer and beer tasting. Also be entertained by different performances from rock, busking and DJ’s, as well as enjoy games and beer competitions. This festival is an all in one where you can enjoy the food and drinks while relaxing at Jazz zone and also participate in the game events and dance all night. One of the main events is the world wet dance contest which seems to be a contest you do not to want to miss. The festival will be on July 26th to July 28th.

Jeongnamjin Jangheung Water Festival (water festival)
This festival as the name hints is celebrated in Jangheung Tamjingang River and Cypress Forest Woodland, at the Southwest of the Nation. Jangheung is the emblem of green nature so they aim for the participants to feel connected and enjoy the nature and have fun. With this festival you will be able to go back to when you were a kid and forget the busy city life. The festival will happen on July 26th to August 1st and it will have a variety of programs, ranging from a water fight, banana boats, flyboarding, among others. The admission is free, depending on the event there could be a ₩2,000 experience fee. 

‘Jjan’ Festival Jeju (food festival)
‘Jjan’ (짠) is a way of saying ‘cheers’ among the younger generation and it said because it is the sound of clinking glasses. The ‘Jjan’ festival event will take place in the paradise-like Jeju island. In this event organized by the hotel Place Camp, you can enjoy beer (18+), food, and games. It is the best summer vibe. What else to do but relax with friend on a hot summer evening and night? The event will be at the Place Camp Jeju (플레이스 캠프 제주) on July 26th to July 28th it will last from 5:00pm until midnight. The venue will also have beer competitions and music. In order to attend this event, you will need to buy a ticket from their site. 

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