'Eat more' Song Sun-mi,'widowed' crying "husband will protect me and daughter"
'Eat more' Song Sun-mi,'widowed' crying "husband will protect me and daughter"
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Photo = MBN'Eat more' capture

Song Seon-mi told the story of her husband who died for the first time on broadcast, saying, "I thought I should go by after talking about it once."

Song Sun-mi appeared as a guest on MBN'Eat More' broadcasted on the afternoon of the 27th and recalled three years ago when her husband died.

Emperor Emperor asked, "Is it okay now?" Song Seon-mi replied embarrassingly, "I don't know."

When asked what kind of person her husband was, he said, "I had a relationship for 3 years. My husband is not angry and has never fought. He was always a consistent person."

Song Seon-mi said, "I supported and encouraged me a lot so that I could become a good actor. Even if I talked with dissatisfaction with'why am I only in this role'," he said,'Don't worry, I'm on your way.' Okay. Before I got married, I had a lot of emotional ups and downs, but I met someone who didn't, and I was relieved.”

I shed tears as I talked about my husband's most memorable appearance. Song Seon-mi said, "I remember all of that person's hair, eyebrows, nostrils, toes, fingers, and nails. I didn't intend to cry, but tears come. I don't cry very well these days."

"I'm living better than I thought. I'm very happy spending time with my daughter. I basically have a strong belief that my brother will protect me and my daughter well."

Meanwhile, Song Seon-mi's husband was hit and killed by his cousin Kwak Mo, who had a conflict over his grandfather's property in 2017. As a result, Song Seon-mi suffered the pain of losing her husband after 12 years of marriage.

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