'Miwoobird' Rain "Eat food, wash dishes, eat food and do everything by yourself"
'Miwoobird' Rain "Eat food, wash dishes, eat food and do everything by yourself"
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Rain/Photo = SBS'My Ugly Little Boy' capture

Rain mentioned about her marriage with Taehee Kim.

World Star Rain came from SBS'My Ugly Baby' (Miwoobird), which aired on the 27th.

When asked about the best dishes my wife cooks at home, Rain said, "I eat everything I give. Everything I cooked is delicious. I'm good at cooking. (Kim Tae-hee) likes to make good things with the best ingredients. "He said.

Seo Jang-hoon pointed out with a smile, "Isn't it that difficult?" Shin Dong-yeop joked, "I don't let my wife cook. I'm just afraid to keep fighting. It's for my survival. Isn't it better to be harmonious than to keep fighting?"

When asked about'housework', Rain said, "I do everything myself. I don't get help for most things, so I don't get scolded." When Shin Dong-yeop said, "Something similar to me doesn't do something like'Please float me'," Rain was startled and said, "Why don't you float water, in which world did you live?"

Rain said, "This is natural. I buy only mine as much as I will eat. I tell you in advance.'Would you like to eat it?' If you say you don't eat it when you do it, I'll cook it up and even wash the dishes," he said.

To the question, "If someone comes and asks for a spoonful?", he replied firmly, "That can't be done. Kim Tae-hee can't do that. That's my family rule." He said, "It's been like that, but it's said that it's not possible. In other words, it's my amount. It's because I eat one meal a day."

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