'Hush' Lim Yoon-ah and Hwang Jung-min reveal their identity "My dad died because of seniors"
'Hush' Lim Yoon-ah and Hwang Jung-min reveal their identity "My dad died because of seniors"
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Photo = JTBC'Hush' broadcast capture
Photo = JTBC'Hush' broadcast capture

Lim Yoon-ah revealed her identity to Hwang Jung-min.

In episode 5 of JTBC's'Hurshey', which aired on the 25th, Lee Ji-soo (Yoona) looking at Han Jun-hyuk (Hwang Jung-min) with suspicious eyes was drawn.

On this day, at the direction of Na Seong-won (Son Byeong-ho), Han Jun-hyuk called interns Lee Ji-soo, Kang Joo-an (Lim Seong-jae), and Hong Gyu-tae (Lee Seung-woo) to ask about the department they wanted. Lee Ji-soo said, "I will worry more." Lee Ji-soo, who met Han Joon-hyuk in the elevator, said, "Is you doing this to get me out of the way? Because I know my senior's weaknesses six years ago." You and I are not such great people," he drew.

Lee Ji-soo said, "I'm not going to other departments. I'm going to remain like a wickedness in the digital news department, so I'll see what my senior is doing for Soo-yeon's sister (Kyung Su-jin)." Han Joon-hyuk said, "Stalking without that context is real. Even if other people don't know, you must let go."

In the end, Han Joon-hyuk took Lee Ji-soo to Yang Yun-gyeong (Yu Sun), deputy general manager of the Department of Social Affairs. Yang Yun-gyeong stimulated Lee Ji-soo in line with Han Joon-hyuk's rhythm, and Han Joon-hyuk instructed, "If you want to become a real reporter, not like me, write an article."

Lee Ji-soo moved as Han Jun-hyuk thought. Then the drunk driving case broke out. The perpetrator was the talent Chung Tae-young, the son of Congressman Chung. There was even a situation of changing drivers.

Lee Ji-soo went to the chicken restaurant where the victim worked, but the question of reporters who had already arrived was pathetic. Yang Yun-kyung said, "Isn't it pathetic? It's a bit uncomfortable to induce click quality, so I'm picking a stimulating title."

Lee Ji-soo said, "You said that the victim didn't have a dream, but did you definitely ask? Is it true? He said that he was nagging because he was like a child, but is that seriously? If you are serious, the child is in the hospital, but what is the boss doing here?"

Choi Gyeong-woo (Jung Joon-won) secured a transcript of a phone call with an insurance company employee with the advice of Han Joon-hyuk. Yang Yun-gyeong also told Lee Ji-soo to write an article because she covered it. However, the article was deleted. The next day, Joon-hyuk Han asked Yun-gyeong Yang, "What happened to the digital even if it was on paper?" It was Na Seong-won's article. Suddenly, the victim was the perpetrator.

Meanwhile, Lee Ji-soo mentioned Oh Su-yeon to Kang Joo-an and Hong Gyu-tae. Lee Ji-su said, "I wonder if we should do something. Soo-yeon sister" said. Kang Joo-an said, "Sooyeon sister what. What should we do? What can we do?" Lee Ji-soo said, "Honestly, we have heard all the words the director said," but Kang Joo-an said, "Would you like to report it to the police? Are the Korean men who went to the military a zombie? We can live as. If we go alone, what will happen to us?"

Kang Joo-an said, "Why should I endure penalties for things that aren't my fault?" When Lee Ji-soo tried to say, "Because of disadvantage? Unfair discrimination," Kang Joo-an said, "You can't distinguish between difference and discrimination? And it's a fact that Soo-yeon's sister was from a local university."

Later, when Lee Jae-eun (Baek Ju-hee) harassed Lee Ji-soo, Kang Joo-an stepped forward and represented Lee Ji-soo. Lee Jae-eun said, "Is it our fault for committing suicide in your motives? Why are we supposed to pay attention to you?" At that time, Seonghan Um (Hosan Park) appeared and pointed out that "You should not ignore your senior. Dan is when you are like a senior".

After hearing the situation, Han Joon-hyuk took Lee Ji-soo to the gomtang house. Lee Ji-soo said about the drunk driving case, "What I really get angry with are the people who turn victims into perpetrators to make a way out for those humans. These are trash that turns bites into dogs. It's not just asking for money and powerless people to side with them. I just need to be fair to the referee, how can I do that?”

Han Joon-hyuk said, "You are all right," but Lee Ji-su said, "No. I was naive. This floor was originally like that. What's your real heart? What do you think when you see these victims? I think I owe you a lot and I'm sorry. "I shed tears.

Han Joon-hyuk, who listened to Lee Ji-soo's words, said, "Because of my fault, my senior (Park Yoon-hee) loved Gomtang very much." Junhyuk Han confessed, "When I was young, I said that my dream was a poet. I didn't know at that time, but I knew it only after my senior passed away. I owe gomtang and a poem, and I'll never be able to pay it back."

Lee Ji-soo said, "I'm not a poet. I don't know well. It's not Gomtang that my dad liked," and said, "PD Lee Yong-min, who died six years ago because of a senior, was my dad." Lee Ji-su exclaimed, "And my dad liked chicken the most like me. It's not Gomtang."

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