'People of Trot' An Seong-jun-Kim So-yeon-Kim Jae-rong-Doubleless advances to the TOP4 finals
'People of Trot' An Seong-jun-Kim So-yeon-Kim Jae-rong-Doubleless advances to the TOP4 finals
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Photo = MBC'Trot's Nation' broadcast capture
Photo = MBC'Trot's Nation' broadcast capture

Seong-Jun Ahn, So-Yeon Kim, Jae-Rong Kim, and Doubleres made their way to the finals of'The People of Trot'.

On the 25th, MBC's'People of Trot' broadcasted on the stage with the first mission collaboration stage for TOP4 and the second mission'Trot in my life' personal mission.

Seoul's 2nd team, Kim Jae-rong, stepped on the stage in the 1st mission with Yu Ji-na and Yu-na's'Show Show'. The two added fun by filling the stage with colorful attractions such as colorful costumes and magic performances. Jae-rong Kim and Yu-na scored 418 points.

Seoul Team 1 Kim So-yeon completed the'Best You' stage with a more advanced appearance after Kim Hye-yeon's special training. Lee Eun-mi said to Kim So-yeon, "Shall I have to carry Kim Hye-yeon for my life?" Kim So-yeon and Kim Hye-yeon, who boasted a breath of fantasy, scored 443 points and rose to the top and surprised everyone.

Lastly, Gyeongsang Team Ahn Seong-joon made the stage with Bae Il-ho and '99.9'. Bae Il-ho surprised everyone with the appearance of exchanging raps with Ahn Seong-jun according to the arrangement. The two people's stage, full of joyful energy, attracted high praise and scored 444 points, defeating Kim So-yeon and Kim Hye-yeon by one point, and ranked first in the first mission.

The 2nd'My Life Trot' individual song mission unfolded. Unlike the first mission, which includes only the scores of the referendum, the second mission added 700 points to the judges score and 300 points.

Seoul 2nd Team Kim Jae-rong selected Bae Il-ho's'I'll live in style'. Jae-Rong Kim visited a beauty salon run by her mother to gain strength and received a lot of support, boasting a solid singing ability, and was recognized by the judges. Kim Jae-rong scored 652 points and scored a total of 1070 points.

Seoul 1st Team Doubles selected Jinsung's'Do Not Go', a song that gave him an initiation to trot. Those who challenged all the preliminary rounds with'Do not go' also presented the stage of'Do not go', which was reinterpreted in the color of Doubleres. The Doubles scored 659 points and scored 1078 points.

Seoul 1st team Kim So-yeon showed off a refreshing charm by selecting Park Dan-ma's'I'm 17 years old' and Paik Nan-ah's'Nangrang 18 years old', recalling the last stage evaluation of'Hoeryongpo' that it was a song that doesn't fit his age. Kim So-yeon, who was evaluated for wearing the right clothes, scored a total of 1115 points with 672 points.

Gyeongsang Team Ahn Seong-joon recalled the past when she selected Na Hoon-ah's'Weed' and performed music regardless of the stage. He compared his music life to weeds, and was impressed with a song containing his aspirations to turn his life into flowers. Ahn Sung-joon scored 675 points as a strong candidate for the championship, and received a total of 1119 points.

The final score added by the 2nd referendum score was 1st place Seong-jun An, 2nd place Kim So-yeon, 3rd place Kim Jae-rong, and 4th place Doubles.

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