'Right Divorce' Lee Haneul-Park Yoo-seon, the first annexation
'Right Divorce' Lee Haneul-Park Yoo-seon, the first annexation
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Photo = TV Chosun'We Got Divorced' broadcast capture
Photo = TV Chosun'We Got Divorced' broadcast capture

With Lee Haneul and Park Yoo-sun open to the possibility of reunification, the first divorced couple in the program joined forces.

In TV Chosun's'We Got Divorced', which aired on the 25th, the story of Lee Haneul and Park Yoo-seon, who had been divorced 10 months ago, were drawn.

Lee Haneul could not be seen as tense, but rather relaxed and fluttered, he went to see Park Yoo-sun. In fact, they are always cool enough to meet even after divorce.

In a preliminary interview with Lee Haneul, "I lived together for such a long time, but I had a sudden divorce. Marital relationship is the most difficult in the world. Anyone can fight and break up, but rather than the reason for divorce,'I can still get along well' or'Divorce is not unconditionally a failure. I wish I could only see the part that says'I'm good.'

Park Yoo-seon also said, "I met Lee Haneul for the first time at the age of 20. I liked it so much. We lived together for 13 years until the age of 33 when we met and divorced at 20." In fact, they surpassed the age gap of 17 years old and had been dating and living together for as many as 11 years, but divorced after 1 year and 4 months after marriage was shocked.

Lee Haneul, who was waiting for arriving first, opened the front door and greeted Park Yoo-seon, who appeared, saying, "Welcome to", and Park Yoo-seo also said "Hello?" The MCs were rather bewildered by the appearance of the two who seemed comfortable.

Lee Haneul, who looked at Park Yoo-sun and smiled embarrassedly, said, "Sometimes I remember the Jang Tteok you did," and Park Yoo Sun replied, "Mother is better at Jang Tteok." Lee Haneul laughed brilliantly, saying, "I can't ask my mom to do it at this age." Park Yoo-sun trembled and said, "I was good at cooking."

Lee Haneul, who was listening to the story, asked if he regretted getting married suddenly. Both answered no. When Park Yoo-sun asked, "Do you regret being divorced?", Lee Ha-neul couldn't answer easily and said, "I don't think I'll be talking in front of the camera."

In an interview with the production crew, Lee Haneul said, "I asked to finish it, so I couldn't finish it up. My heart.'Why look?' 'Crazy?' 'Are you sane?' But why can't I see it?" Park Yoo-seon also said, "I say'Why see' or'live again' around me, but I think I'm all open. Isn't there anything that doesn't work for any reason? But I don't think it is now. I don't know yet,” he said honestly.

Before fishing the next day, the two spent time preparing together. Lee Haneul, looking at Park Yoo-seon spreading his fishing hook with his lips, smiled and knelt down to his knees while wearing a fishing vest.

Park Yoo-sun said, "Why is it over what you didn't even do when you proposed?" and "Did you even propose?" When Lee Haneul answered, "I only bought 5 rings," Park Yoo-sun sniped, "I gave it to ask for forgiveness." .

When Park Yoo-seon was pricked, Lee Ha-neun surprised the MCs by saying, "I would have brought out the ring. Will you marry me again?" Park Yoo-seon complained, "Isn't my name'Attacker' still on the phone?", but he neutralized this sky with a striker-like onslaught.

Looking back in 2020, they realized their age, and they joked with each other, saying, "Am I old?" before the age of 51 and 33.

Lee Haneul said, "I'm lonely, would you like to sleep together?", and Park Yoo-sun naturally came into the room. Lee Haneul confessed, "I have to sleep, but I can't sleep. Is it because I'm so bright?" In the end, Lee Haneul and Park Yoo-sun fell asleep in one bed.

The studio MCs were astonished at the first annexation of'right divorce'. Kim Won-hee was embarrassed, saying, "What have I seen?", and Sae-Rom Kim was shocked, saying, "Does it make sense?" Shin Dong-yeop tried to keep calm, saying, "Isn't it possible to just sleep?"

The production crew pointed, "The camera was turned off that night. I checked the camera the next morning and it was all turned off", and the MCs could not shut their mouths.

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