“All year round” Unexpected touching star No. 1 Baeksang “Normal Things”· No. 3 son with developmental disabilities
“All year round” Unexpected touching star No. 1 Baeksang “Normal Things”· No. 3 son with developmental disabilities
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Photo = KBS'All Year Live' broadcast capture
Photo = KBS'All Year Live' broadcast capture

Stars with unexpected impressions like Christmas gifts were revealed.

On the 25th broadcast of KBS's'All Year Live', the unexpected touching star TOP7 was revealed through the'Girl Running the Chart' corner.

The 7th place in'Unexpected Impressive Star' was Kim Seon-ho, who received a lot of support from viewers by sincerely confiding about the parts he thought he was lacking in '1 Night 2 Days Season 4'.

The sixth place was Kim Ki-du. Kim Ki-doo almost gave up admission to the university because there was no tuition, but he was impressed by confessing the story of raising the university tuition after twists and turns with the help of his mother.

The fifth place was Ho-dong Kang. It was revealed that Kang Ho-dong gave sincere advice to EXID Hani, who had been struggling in the past. Hani appeared on JTBC's'Knowing Brother' and said, "Kang Ho-dong said,'Hani, it's sad. It's okay. You can cry', which gave me great strength.

4th place was in the drama'When Camellia Blooms', after receiving a supporting actor award in the TV category at the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards. , It didn't work well. I did my best for all my works. There will be failures and successes, but I will touch many people with the impression that I will support each camellia flower blooming in your life."

The third place was Oh Yoon-ah, who showed her affectionate maternal love for Min-i, her son with a developmental disability, through broadcast. Yoona Oh impressed many people by revealing Mini at KBS'Pyeon Restaurant'. He became a model by showing a brighter and more confident life against the prejudices of the world.

Second place was Jang Yoon-jung. After suffering from cancer for six years, the fan's confession that she couldn't sing Jang Yoon-jung's'first marriage' until the end thought of her wife, who left for heaven, poured tears.

Lastly, the number one song was not a star. It was the'natural things' sung by child actors at the '2020 Baeksang Arts Awards' awards ceremony held in June. On this day, the child actors sang the song of the transfer with the content that they will come back after missing the natural things that have changed due to the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19).

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