"Bare World History" side "I sincerely apologize for some errors...Increase advisory committees and collect opinions"
"Bare World History" side "I sincerely apologize for some errors...Increase advisory committees and collect opinions"
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Photo=TVN'Seol Min-seok's Naked World History'
Photo = TVN'Seol Min-seok's Naked World History' broadcast capture

While suspicion of distortion of history was raised in the contents of'Seol Min-seok's Naked World History', the production crew apologized.

On the 21st, tvN's'Seol Min-seok's Naked World Car' side made an official position and said,'First, we sincerely apologize for some errors in the process of researching massive ancient history materials.'

The production crew said,'As the program deals with the world history of a vast story, we record an average of 4-5 hours per episode. It was compressed and edited to present an immersive story to the viewers in time for 85 minutes of broadcast time, so it was difficult to contain all the contents of the long history lecture, so the historical part is proceeding according to a large context.' The production team determined that there was no significant obstacle to the probability in the context, and the result was sent out. We politely apologize to all those who would have been uncomfortable for this.'

In addition,'To prevent recurrence in the future, we will increase the number of advisory groups and humbly accept the opinions of advisors from various fields. In the future, some subtitles and CG will be reinforced in VOD, etc. to prevent confusion in understanding. In the future, I will be more careful so that I can produce quality programs through more detailed data collection and editing process.'

Meanwhile, on the 20th, Kwak Min-soo, head of the Korean Institute of Egyptian Studies, publicly criticized the Egyptian Cleopatra version of tvN'Seol Min-seok's Naked World History' featuring Seol Min-seok. Director Kwak said, "If it's not'unraveling' but'historical story', you should clearly distinguish the two and clearly state that this is true, and this is a rumor. Besides, this is the fact that the facts mentioned are often wrong. It seems that one content is not reflected well. Just don't look at it,” he criticized.

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