'Gangho-dong Babsim' Sim Jin-hwa-Kim Won-hyo "Operation of 10 Gimbap Branches…BTS·Kang Haneul Regular"
'Gangho-dong Babsim' Sim Jin-hwa-Kim Won-hyo "Operation of 10 Gimbap Branches…BTS·Kang Haneul Regular"
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Photo = SBS Plus'Do you eat rice?
Photo = SBS Plus'Do you eat rice?

Comedian Kim Won-hyo and Shim Jin-hwa and their husband and wife shared their success in the kimbap business.

On the 21st aired on the 21st, SBS Plus'I'm Eating Food-Kang Ho-dong's Food' featured a couple Shim Jin-hwa-Kim Won-hyo and Heo Gyeong-hwan as guests.

On this day, MC Kang Ho-dong mentioned their kimbap business, and Kim Won-hyo said, "There are more than 30 brands, but not all of them. We are the franchisees, and now we are operating about 10 branches."

“There are so many delicious places in terms of taste, is there a limit? We made a difference with the interior. You can eat gimbap while watching the Han River view in Nodeul Island, and there is a hanok store. We are approaching customers with these other points.” Said the secret to success.

We are winning and winning now, but in fact there was a difficult process to reach success. Shim Jin-hwa said that it was most important to show'sincerity' in order to get permission from the restaurant owner's kimbap restaurant. He said, "I started delivering newspapers from the 3rd grade of junior high school, working in a restaurant and helping my father, who worked in the construction work, and carried bricks. I didn't just lend my name, I said, "I will do my best like my store. The boss looked good at us. I think it seems."

Kim Won-hyo said, "It shows that we like kimbap because we are cheaper than other sincerity. We usually bring money with us, but we bought a lot of kimbap. We ordered 60 lines at a time and took it." Brought on. He said, "I saw the celebrities failing in their business and I wanted to not do that. I went to the store to wash the dishes, clean the floor, say hello, and pack gimbap.

Shim Jin-hwa mentioned Lee Young-ja, Cha Seung-won, BTS, and Kang Haneul as regular celebrities at Kimbap. The couple said, "Albasaeng said he was so surprised when BTS came. He came and bought it. I saw Kang Haneul the most. He said that he must eat before going to the army."

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