'Nahonsan' Gian 84, Oido Seafood Ramen Mukbang... Son Dambi "I think the soup was crazy"
'Nahonsan' Gian 84, Oido Seafood Ramen Mukbang... Son Dambi "I think the soup was crazy"
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Photo = MBC'I Live Alone' broadcast capture
Photo = MBC'I Live Alone' broadcast capture

Gian 84 introduced the cucumber-do seafood ramen meal.

In MBC's'I Live Alone' aired on the 18th, Kian 84 revealed her daily life to get rid of stress and a sense of accomplishment through running. Gian84, who had 13km left until Wanju, took a day off at the lodge and left for the next day.

Before departure, he ate seafood ramen for breakfast. Gian 84, who was waiting for the food he ordered while looking at the outside at a nearby restaurant, was surprised by the amount of ramen that was richer than expected because it was filled with seafood. “Is this for 1 person?” I checked several times and admired. The members who watched the VCR in the studio shouted "Wow, that's awesome" for seafood ramen with plenty of seafood such as clams, octopus, and squid, and Son Dambi admired, "I think the soup is really crazy."

Gian 84 introduced a seafood ramen meal. He ate from the noodles to the cool broth and burst into laughter at the taste. Lee Si-eon envied him, saying, "It's the first time that Gian's food looks delicious." Son Dambi said, "It looks really good," whether Gian 84 is envious of eating ramen.

Gian 84, who ate seafood ramen, looked at the sea and said, "I have to come for a relationship, but this is a place like this." I stretched while looking at the sea. Kim Ji-hoon laughed by saying, "Is that attractive?" in a fatal (?) stretching posture.

Kian 84 had a hard time saying, "Your body is heavy, definitely. It's completely different from yesterday," just a minute after starting running on the second day. But soon he found his pace and finished 56km.

Kian 84 said, "Because I ran 3~4km, the pain was forgotten like anesthesia. It seems like I kept running with that momentum. I promised myself."

He said, "I was three to four times happy with the red lighthouse (at my destination). I felt like I was a strange person. When I said I was coming, I really came. Even if others don't know, it's good to think I'm cool. It was nice to have it in my heart,” he said.

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