'Emotional Camping' Park Na-rae "Two months unrequited love in the words of Yang Se-chan'Narae sister is also a woman'"
'Emotional Camping' Park Na-rae "Two months unrequited love in the words of Yang Se-chan'Narae sister is also a woman'"
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Photo = JTBC'Gamsung Camping' broadcast capture
Photo = JTBC'Gamsung Camping' broadcast capture

The story of Narae Park and Sechan Yang was revealed.

In JTBC's'Gamsung Camping', which aired on the 18th,'Gusseomnam' Yang Se-chan,'Narae Bar Really' Han Yoon-seo, and'Narae Bar Regular Guest' Yun Gyun-sang appeared as guests as three of Park Na-rae's best friends.

On this day, Park Na-rae shouted "I'm a giant younger brother" as soon as she saw the back of Yun Gyun-sang. Yun Gyun-sang introduced himself as "Yun Gyun-sang, who supplements Narae's sister." Han Yoon-seo, who appeared wearing a mask, could not recognize anyone. Yang Se-chan shouted, "I will bet my fortune to match (Han Yoon-seo)." However, Park So-dam proved that he was a'gag woman killer' by fitting Han Yoon-seo at once.

Park So-dam greeted Yang Se-chan, saying, "Comeman, comedian, I've been really waiting anytime." Yang Se-chan asked the question, "Which comedian was the most anticipated in your heart?", and Park So-dam gave a sensible answer, "Yang Se-hyung," and gave a big smile.

They later prepared for camping. Yoon Gyun-sang and Park So-dam, who were in charge of'Three Times', took on the fire. Yoon Gyun-sang gave So-dam Park tips on how to make a super-speed fire, and made a friendly atmosphere by lighting a fire together throughout the camping.

As an assistant chef with 7 years of Narae bar experience, Han Yoon-seo boasted a perfect breath with Park Na-rae with fast hands.

Park Na-rae revealed her relationship with Yoon Gyun-sang while eating lunch. He said, "Six years ago, I met Doyeon Jang and Jimin Kim in Hongdae to have a drink. Gyunsang Yoon and Haesoo Park and Heejun Lee called for a drink and went out. The two teams joined together to ate alcohol and drank tremendously. Lee Hee-joon went first. I knew today that Hae-soo Park was there," he said and made a laugh.

He said, "I drank from 2 am to 10 am, and I got sunken, but I met him again the next day. We met again after 2-3 days. Then we met three times a week."

Yang Se-chan asked, "Isn't it that I have a mind with the opposite sex?" Yoon Gyun-sang said, "I really liked the comedy show. Actually (Jang Do-yeon, Kim Ji-min, Park Na-rae) I really liked it and wanted to get close to it.

Rather, Yang Se-chan said that Yoon Gyun-sang, a regular Narae bar, "I have never been to Narae bar. I heard rumors about Narae bar very badly." Next, he asked, "How many couples are there couples born in Narae Bar?" Park Narae replied, "There are at least 50 couples," and surprised everyone.

On this day, Park Na-rae also revealed a sweet and bloody thumb story with Yang Se-chan. Park Na-rae said, "I really liked it for about two months." My sister is also a woman, so why is it?” I confessed that I was taken away by this one word. The members of Gamseong also responded, saying, "Even if you are like me, you will like it.

Yang Se-chan said, "On the way back the day after MT, I thought that Narae Park was a great older sister because she asked me to buy bread," said Narae. I knew exactly what I was drunk. I knew so well that I closed my heart.”

Yang Se-chan gave a laugh by performing'Park Na-rae's Drunk Three Stages. Park Na-rae said, "I solved it after being burned for a year. Yang Se-hyung was the funniest." Yang Se-chan replied honestly to the question, "Isn't Park Na-rae regretful if he made a boyfriend?" "I met Na-rae's boyfriend by chance. I was talking with a really cool person, so I felt strange." Still, he said, "I think this relationship with my sister (Narae Park) is good now. If I ever met and broke up, I thought I would lose a lot of people around me."

Park Na-rae prepared a headband in the shape of a cat's ear, whose ears move according to changes in brain waves. I asked Yang Se-chan, "If I go back to those days, can I accept Park Na-rae without rejecting it?" I answered "No", but my ears moved. Next, I asked Yun Gyun-sang, "Is there anyone you like here?" and answered firmly, "No," but the cat's ears moved so fast that he embarrassed him.

In particular, Yun Gyun-sang was surprised by the same fortune-telling at Han Yoon-seo's tarot shop, which boasts a white hair. Han Yoon-seo looked at the love point of Yun Gyun-sang and said, "There is a person I like in this," and said, "If I try to do it, I will get on the thumb within 3 months."

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