'Mistrot 2''Gukak Shindong' Kim Tae-yeon passed All Heart... Jang Yoon-jung "Different Level Candidate"
'Mistrot 2''Gukak Shindong' Kim Tae-yeon passed All Heart... Jang Yoon-jung "Different Level Candidate"
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Photo = TV Chosun'Mistrot 2'broadcast capture
Photo = TV Chosun'Mistrot 2'broadcast capture

Kim Tae-yeon of'Korean traditional music prodigy' received an all-heart with his skills.

The first broadcast of TV Chosun'Mistrot 2'aired on the 17th was the master audition site of elementary school participants.

On this day, Kim Tae-yeon abandoned the modifier of the Korean traditional music prodigy and challenged the trot by singing'Daejeon Bourse'. As soon as he started a line of songs, the judges poured out admiration.

Jang Yoon-jung said, "It's really amazing. Taeyeon would have been an all-heart even if he had 10 more hearts. I don't know if I can talk about this, but the level seems to be different. It's no good to compete with adults. The body itself is music. (9 years old, same age) I think I know why Seungah said it was an older sister. I want to call you an older sister too."

Jo Young-soo also lavishly praised, "When people who do Korean traditional music trot, they have something in common. This friend does not have such a vibrato, but he controls the strength and weakness, and there is a limit to surpassing any adult's emotions."

Kim Tae-yeon shed tears, saying, "I majored in Korean music, so I was doing a trot, so I thought I would be able to sing Korean traditional music.

Jo Young-soo added, "A lot of people who are good at Korean traditional music have done trot, but I dare say that it is the best appearance when Korean traditional musicians trot." Kim Junsu said, "Isn't it likely to be in TOP7?", and Jang Yoon-jung expressed his expectation, "I think it will be in TOP3.

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