BoA, investigation of suspicion of smuggling psychotropic drugs.. SM Entertainment
BoA, investigation of suspicion of smuggling psychotropic drugs.. SM Entertainment
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Photo = BoA SNS
Photo = BoA SNS

It is said that singer BoA was investigated by the prosecution for smuggling psychotropic drugs.

On the 17th, SBS '8 News' reported that Hallyu star A is under suspicion of secretly introducing multiple psychotropic drugs such as zolpidem into Korea from abroad.

According to reports, A was caught during the customs screening stage while trying to bring it into Korea under the name of a domestic employee after receiving prescriptions for psychotropic drugs such as zolpidem in Japan through an employee of his agency's Japanese branch.

After the report, the report that Mr. A was a singer BoA continued, and BoA's agency SM Entertainment announced an official position.

SM Entertainment said,'This was caused by the mistake of our overseas branch employees who were not knowledgeable about trade and customs clearance. First of all, I would like to apologize for causing concern to fans as well as many people. It was a mistake by ignorance that the employee delivered medicines by mail without formal import customs clearance procedures.

'BoA recently received a doctor's opinion that he needed enough sleep as a result of a recent medical examination, so he took a sleeping pill prescribed at the doctor's recommendation. However, side effects such as dizziness and vomiting were severe. I remembered that BoA had no side effects from the drugs prescribed in Japan in the past, and because of the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19), it is possible to receive a representative, so I received the drugs after being confirmed at a local hospital and following normal procedures." .

The employee has confirmed at the local post office that it is possible to ship drugs from Japan to Korea by attaching documents such as the ingredient list, but attached the ingredient list without realizing that even drugs normally prescribed overseas may be a problem in Korea. It was SM Entertainment's claim that the drug was shipped to Korea this year.

The agency said,'After receiving a recent contact from an investigative agency, an employee who became aware of his or her mistake actively cooperated with the investigative agency to investigate this matter, and promised not to make such a mistake again. I am telling you that I have been sincerely involved in the investigation.'

Finally,'We plan to strengthen training in all fields to prevent this from happening again. Also, I am sorry for the inconvenience this has caused many people. Once again, I sincerely apologize for causing concern.'

The prosecution is planning to decide whether to prosecute BoA by comprehensively judging whether BoA was actually administered or whether there was intentional smuggling.

[News Inside Reporter Kang Haru]

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