'Let's Live Together' Seo Jeong-hee "If Seo Se-won lived well…remarriage NO! I really want to love you"
'Let's Live Together' Seo Jeong-hee "If Seo Se-won lived well…remarriage NO! I really want to love you"
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Photo = KBS'Let's Live Together' broadcast capture
Photo = KBS'Let's Live Together' broadcast capture

Broadcaster Seo Jeong-hee wished for the happiness of Lee Ho-nan's ex-husband, Seo Se-won. And he also expressed his desire to be happy.

In KBS'Let's Live Together with Park Won-sook', broadcast on the 16th, Seo Jeong-hee appeared and went on a picnic with her sisters.

Seo Jeong-hee showed the sincerity of bringing all the table mats as well as plates and cutlery to enjoy the picnic. The sisters were surprised when the candles for the atmosphere came out here.

Hye-eun said, "I have never prepared anything properly while living up to this age." When I eat alone, I put rice on a large plate and eat with side dishes. It was so fascinating while watching Jeong-hee. It seems to be seeing'Alice in Wonderland'. I was admired.

It wasn't the end here. Seo Jeong-hee even brought a hand mill to drink drip coffee. Park Won-suk said, "I wanted to be very unique, but I had a really hard time," and made me laugh. Seo Jeong-hee said, "I expected the reaction of my sisters," and said, "I still don't want to lose my joy."

On this day, Seo Jeong-hee received praise from her older sisters for her sharp living skills. However, he said, "Men don't seem to like to be good at living. If you look at me, don't you know. I lived with the idea that it would be perfect, but living hard seems to be an uncomfortable truth. There are things that I can't do." I confessed.

While talking about the past, Kim Young-ran asked, "Is that person still good?" and Seo Jeong-hee, who hesitated, said, "There is no such thing. I just want to live well. I feel grateful if both of them live well with my child. I am looking forward to a new life. I wouldn't have been able to work like this if I hadn't been in the world. I am really happy now,” he said honestly.

In an interview with the production crew, Park Won-sook said, "Jung-hee said that he hadn't really loved. So, I hope he will have a beautiful love."

Seo Jeong-hee smiled, "I am not interested in remarriage. I just want to love. What I dream of is a dream in a fairy tale, and the reality is cruel. I still have the idea that I should love."

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