'Icon Tact' Hong Jin-hee and Cho Hye-ryeon, desperate for five years in the'Taxi case' "Sorry to each other"
'Icon Tact' Hong Jin-hee and Cho Hye-ryeon, desperate for five years in the'Taxi case' "Sorry to each other"
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Photo = Channel A'Icon Tact' broadcast capture
Photo = Channel A'Icon Tact' broadcast capture

'Icon Tact' Jo Hye-ryeon applied for an eye contact with Hong Jin-hee.

In Channel A'Icon Tact', which aired on the 16th, Cho Hye-ryeon and Hong Jin-hee, who had not contacted each other for five years due to a minor misunderstanding, faced each other.

Cho Hye-ryeon said that he and Hong Jin-hee and Hong Jin-hee and Hong Jin-hee were filming in the next studio and shared the dressing room together. For Cho Hye-ryeon, Hong Jin-hee was truly a new world. I had a variety of experiences with Cho Hye-ryeon's Hong Jin-hee, and made friendships enough to engrave the same tattoos on overseas trips together.

Both of them had a happy and enjoyable time together, but they were separated by minor problems. Cho Hye-ryeon said, "Hong Jin-hee volunteered to play the role of a manager because she wanted to support her returning to the drama, but on a rainy and windy day, she visited her sister's house to give a script reading." My sister was tired and told me to take a taxi. But I couldn't get a taxi,” he recalled.

In the end, Hye-ryeon Jo confessed that he walked a long distance in the rain, crying in the rain at his regret for Jin-hee Hong. So, the two lost contact. Jeongjak Hong Jin-hee did not even know why he stopped contacting Jo Hye-ryeon. He confessed, "I can't exactly remember. I have alcoholic dementia."

It was a dream that Cho Hye-ryeon decided to meet with Hong Jin-hee through'Icon Tact'. He said, "I had a dream two weeks ago, and in a dream my sister looked so lonely. I couldn't forget her eyes. It seemed to be because of me."

As soon as the two met in the eye contact room saw each other, they burst into laughter with tears. The two of them looked at each other as time passed and were joking around and asked their regards.

After the eye contact was over, Hong Jin-hee first reached out and asked, "Why did you suddenly remember your sister?" Cho Hye-ryeon told the story of her dream, and Hong Jin-hee said, "Why are you worried about my lone death?"

Cho Hye-ryeon confided about the incident that was sad to Hong Jin-hee. Hong Jin-hee replied, "I have to call the neighborhood to get a taxi. I thought you would know," and embarrassed everyone. He confessed, "It was a time when I was stressed enough to not play the drama again," and replied, "Are you sane? Then you should have come back" to Jo Hye-ryeon, who walked home.

But soon Hong Jin-hee said, "A selfish person is true. I may be selfish after living alone for several decades," and said, "If I talked right away, I would have apologized, and I wouldn't have spent time like this."

Of course, Hong Jin-hee also had some regrets for Cho Hye-ryeon. Cho Hye-ryeon's friend delivered his gossip as it is. Hong Jin-hee shed tears, saying, "I only thought of what I was sorry for you, and I had no idea that I made you sad."

The two apologized to each other and laughed and cried together, recalling their happy memories. Cho Hye-ryeon had a good time singing'The Director's Miarigo Dog' for Hong Jin-hee.

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