'Queen Iron Man' apologizes for distortion of history... Deleted the "Annals of the Joseon Dynasty"
'Queen Iron Man' apologizes for distortion of history... Deleted the "Annals of the Joseon Dynasty"
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Photo = tvN'The Iron Man' poster
Photo = tvN'The Iron Man' poster

The tvN weekend drama'The Iron Man' side apologized for the controversy over the history distortion and deleted the narration from the replay service.

On the 15th, viewers of'Queen Iron Man' said, "The reality of the king famous for its main colors..." is a National Treasure, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. He pointed out that he has cut down. In this regard, more than 700 complaints were filed with the Korea Communications Standards Commission.

Not only this. 'Queen of Iron Man' succeeded in capturing the audience rating and topical two rabbits in just two episodes of broadcast, but is suffering from various controversies including history distortion and lack of sensitivity to gender recognition. It was pointed out that the gisaeng's house'Octa-jeong' reminds me of the club Octagon, where last year's group rape incident broke out, and the main character lines are also pointed out that sexual harassment is different. Poongyang Jo's Jongchinhoe expressed displeasure, saying that Jo, the real character of the Joseon Dynasty, and the queen of Queen Shinjeong, who appeared in the drama, was distorted into a superstitious character.

In addition, as the story of the author of the Chinese novel based on the drama had a disgusting tendency,'ugly hair' was firmly embedded. In fact, Sun Deung, the author of the original work'Prince Biseungjigi', used Korean demeaning words several times in his previous work'Hwachin Princess', which has been controversial in Korea. Representatives were the appearance of lines and characters such as "Korean guys who will beat you with sticks" wearing a tablecloth and mocking it as Hanbok.

As the related issues grew, tvN said, "The ambassadors related to the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty took heavy acceptance that the expression was inappropriate and deleted the narration that was problematic for replaying." Explained.

Regarding the suspicious controversy, "I purchased the right to broadcast a remake of a web drama, not the original novel, and at the time of the contract, I did not recognize that there was negative remarks related to Korea in another work of the original novelist." After that, I confirmed this through the online community.”

He also promised, "We sincerely apologize to the viewers for the part that they did not recognize in advance, and will do our best to make it so that they do not feel uncomfortable to see it as a new creation differentiated from the original."

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