'Singer Gain' No. 59 + No. 67 Adams 3R advance... No. 2 Yumi Pass, No. 33 branch line eliminated
'Singer Gain' No. 59 + No. 67 Adams 3R advance... No. 2 Yumi Pass, No. 33 branch line eliminated
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Photo = JTBC'Singa Gain' broadcast capture
Photo = JTBC'Singa Gain' broadcast capture

'Adams' made by singer No. 59 (Crayon Pop Choa) and singer No. 67 (Jimin Taiji) beat the powerful team of No. 2 (Yumi) and No. 33 (Loveholic Ji-sun).

At JTBC's'Singer Gain', which aired on the 14th, a team fight to advance to the finals took place. Singer No. 59 and Singer No. 67 appeared under the team name of'Adams' in the 80's classic confrontation, and showed Lee Sun-hee's'With a Laughter'.

The two appeared in stage costumes with their cuteness exploded, and as soon as the song started, a performance that lifted the shoulders of the judges, and showed off their unwavering vocal skills, and completed the stage.

The original songwriter Lee Sun-hee also clapped and admired the exploding energy from the beginning to the end of the song, while Yoo Hee-yeol and Song Min-ho clapped standing.

Lee Seon-hee said, "What's your heart like this? (My juniors) are the best stage to sing my songs, but it's the first time I've been judging that stage." Praised him.

Davichi Lee Hae-ri applauded her fantastic breath, saying, "I'm a duo, and I'm on the lookout for a rookie duo. I'm not going to leave it alone, but it's good enough to release a duet album as it is." Kyuhyun said, "I feel like I know why I'm virtuoso idols. It was a stage I wanted to see another stage."

The team against'Adams' was'Friendship is always thirsty', a group of singers No. 2 and No. 3 of 19 years.

The two also selected Lee Seon-hee's song'Like a Flame' and announced the fate of Lee Seon-hee's round match. They said, "I'm a 19-year-old friend, and I've never sung together," and said, "I want to make a stage that will remain in our history, so the moment is moving."

The two showed a wonderful stage that met everyone's expectations. The final stage of singing ability was completed and the judges were surprised.

Original songwriter Lee Sun-hee said, "It's a high-pitched song. It must have consumed a lot of energy," and said, "I can see the feeling of having worked hard, and the hours of effort were delivered as it was." Kim Jong-jin praised, "It felt like a magical femme fatale. The charisma of the divas was outstanding", but expressed regret that "I was hoping for something that surpassed it because Sun-hee Lee's singing was so outstanding, but I thought it would not be easy." .

Adams was the team that entered the third round in the confrontation where the veteran's experience and the spirit of idol origin were outstanding. The two said, "I was happier because of the compliment of the original Gokja-bun," and "I am happy to have one more opportunity."

In the team'Friendship is always thirsty', the additional entrant was Yumi No. 33. The second singer, Loveholic Ji-seon, drank from being eliminated. He said, "I'm glad my friend passed," he said, "I wasn't enjoying the music so far, but this was the time I found the bluebird that this program lost. The music was my bluebird. I knew but turned away, but I'm glad that I could face the face through this time. Well again. I want to bear it," he said in tears.

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